Secure Your WhatsApp 5+ Most Important tips from getting Hacked in 2019

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Secure Your WhatsApp 5+ Most Important tips from getting Hacked in 2019 – Each and every smartphone user is well-known as WhatsApp, and most of the smartphone users use WhatsApp application.

Every WhatsApp user wants his chatting to be secure. You also don’t want to send or hear any messages sent by your WhatsApp messages, but we all know that the world of online is not completely secure.

in today’s we are hear hacking stories, so it is not possible to see any other person WhatsApp messages but by keeping in mind some common things at your level, you can avoid WhatsApp hacking. Today, we will learn more about WhatsApp security tips to avoid WhatsApp Hacking in this article, which can help you secure your WhatsApp.

How to Avoid Whatsapp Hacking

Whatsapp has provided many security features for its users time to time, but many WhatsApp users are not aware of these features or they do not use it inadvertently, and then they are caught in hacking Go. After reading Whatsapp Security Tips mentioned in this article, you can easily avoid WhatsApp Hacking.

1 – WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp web is a feature of WhatsApp web, with the help of this WhatsApp clones can easily be made in any device. Many people use this feature to read WhatsApp messages of others and also see media files. This feature is useful, but due to this feature anyone can view all the messages in a click. If you do not want to see your WhatsApp messages, then follow the stated points.

You can open your WhatsApp and click on 3 dot option then you can tap on the Whatsapp Web option to see where your WhatsApp account is logged in. If logged in, click on the logout option.

From time to time, click on the WhatsApp web option to see if any of your WhatsApp has been cloned.

Please log out after using the Whatsapp web feature

2 – Two step Verification

This is also a very useful feature of Whatsapp. If a person accesses your WhatsApp number and tries to create a WhatsApp account in your device from your WhatsApp Number, then this feature does its job.

You should enable this feature by setting up PIN so that no person can create a WhatsApp account from your WhatsApp Number. Let us know we How to enable Two step Verification


To enable Two step Verification, you need to go to Setting> Account> Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp, here you will see the option enable, click on the enable, here you have to set the code of 06 digit and also enter the email address so that you can set If you forget the code you can re-set. In this way you Two step verification can be enabled and secure WhatsApp.

3 – Chat Backup

Whatsapp has given the option of backing up its chat media on cloud storage, this feature is not very useful for all users. Many users knowingly keep their backups on Google Drive. If you are more concerned about your privacy then disable this feature. To disable Chat Backup, select Never Select by going to Settings> Chat> Chat Backup> Backup to Google Drive.

4 – Lock WhatsApp

To avoid WhatsApp Hacking, lock the WhatsApp application. There is no feature to look at whatsapp to lock on WhatsApp, but you will find many lock applications on the Play Store, which you can use to lock WhatsApp. Whatsapp should be locked, because if someone takes your smartphone then you will not be able to open Whatsapp without your permission.

5 – WhatsApp Mod

On the Internet, you can see many different modes of applications, as many different types of WhatsApp are available on the internet. These modes use many users who are not completely secure. In Whatsapp Swap mode you get many amazing features, but in the case of security, they are not trusted, so do not use Whatsapp mode.

6 – No Media

In WhatsApp, we do not know how many photos, media files we share every day and download the photo media files sent by others, many photos are such that we do not want to show to anyone but all these photos by default File Manager is saved in it, which anyone can easily see if you want your photo file to be seen by no more documents, Please follow the steps below.

You have to go to the file manager of your phone and there is a media folder inside the Whatsapp folder. inside that you have to create a folder called .nomedia

After creating a folder in File Manager, restart your smartphone

After doing this, there will not be any WhatsApp media in your file manager. In this way no one can see your whatsapp media from file manager.

We know about the security tips related to WhatsApp in this article, which can help prevent WhatsApp hacking. If you have found this article useful, then share it in social media.


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