How To Apply For Google Adsense And Get Fast Approval For Blog

Apply for adsense
Apply for adsense

If you are a new blogger and you are thinking about making money from Google Adsense You will now have a lot of confusion about Google AdSense.

You might be thinking that when applying for Adsense, you will tell me all the information about Google Adsense that you want to know. Like when to apply, let’s know.

Google AdSense

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a product of Google, an advertising company, through which publisher bloggers put ADS on their blog and earn money from them. You can also earn money from Google Adsense

When to Apply to Google Adsense

Many bloggers have a question about when to apply for Google AdSense so that they get convinced appropriately. Below we’ll talk about when we should apply for Google Adsense.

  1. Content

If you do not have content on your blog, then your blog has no value. If your blog contains too much content then your blog has too much value. If you have to approve Google Adsense on your blog then you should first write good and refreshing content. You can write your blog content on any topic. Many blogs apply to Google AdSense by writing 4-5 content. The result is negative. If you have to approve the adsense on your blog, write as much post as you can.

If you write your post between 300-500 Word Then write at least 30+ posts then only think about adsense. Or you write the word between 500-2000, your ads will be approved in 10-15 posts only. The more content your blog will have, the more chances it will be to approve the Google Adsense. [By the way Google’s Privacy Policy page does not say that it is necessary to have this post on your blog.] There were only 24 posts on my blog and I have 500- Written between 1000 words, my adsense was approved in the same.

  1. Custom Domain

You use free subdomain. So Google Adsense will have to wait a little longer. Because the subdomain takes a little more time to get approval in the adsense. If you use a .tk domain, then leave it as it is a free domain. If you take a custom domain to approve the adsense, it will be of great benefit. You india ?? The domain name will get up to 60-300. In


It is very important to have pages in any blog / website, because through this, any of our visitors contact us. Know about the information about us. You created at least 3 pages in your blog.

About us – Any visitor in this page means the information about us about the author of the blog. If you still do not understand about that page then you can read our about us page.

Contact us page – Any visitor can contact us through these pages. Let’s say if a visitor comes to your blog, he can contact us with the help of this same contact form. You can see contact us form for demo.

Privacy Policy page – Inside this page, our blog has a privacy policy. Well, very few visitors visit our privacy policies page but it is very important to stay in our blog. You can read our Privacy Policy for the demo.

4. Blog Design

The attractiveness of the visitor to any blog attracts the design of your blog as much as the visitor on your blog. Maybe you do not know, 40% of visitors are close to the page due to the absence of our blog design and they start visiting another blog. The simpler our blog will be as simple as the design. If you keep the design of your blog good, then the adsense will immediately approve. If you have to design your blog and you do not know how to design a blog then you can click here to learn how to design a blog.

  1. Copyright

Before applying for AdSense, you must check once that there is no copyright on your blog, even the image. If you want to find free copyright images. So with the help of pixabay you can put free copyright image in your blog.

  1. Blog Traffic

Many bloggers say that if your blog should have at least 500 page views, then your Google Adsense account will be approved. That’s absolutely wrong because no privacy policy has been written in any of the policies that your blog should have so much page view. But to earn money from the blog, it is important to have a visitor on the blog. Your Adsense account will be approve on 0 traffic just to have more content on your blog there were only 28 posts on my blog and 0 were visitors, in the same, my Adsense account was approved within 48 hours.

If all these things are present on your blog, then you can apply for Google Adsense. Or apply to apply for adsense after following follow-up rule?

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