How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Improve the Content Management System?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Okay, so you have read the title. Are you a little surprised? The reason, AI and CMS are different from each other. The shortest description of AI is that a software application can do jobs similar to humans. And if asked about content management system, you get automatically reminded of WordPress.

So, where does the connection happen? Let us find out in this article of how can artificial intelligence help improve the content management system?

Artificial Intelligence

Everyone understands that AI is one of the fastest growing technologies and has brought about changes in many industries. In the past five years, almost every company has incorporated AI applications in their working segments. Now, even small and medium businesses are jumping onto the bandwagon. And the most interesting fact is, AI applications and tools have been added to content management systems of large corporate.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Every company, worth their value in the market, are planning on a big scale to incorporate AI in their CMS system. The reason, the applications are user-friendly, and the content executives can also post relevant content on their website. As per a recent survey, AI can give any CMS extra features as it can make the user easier, comfortable and more convenient.

Artificial Intelligence in Your Daily Life

AI has always been a part of our daily routine for a decade. At present, this not so new technology has stepped into every part of your daily life. How else can you explain the driverless cars, Internet of Things, Home Automation, recommendation notification on e-commerce websites and all? All the new technology innovations are part of AI.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in CMS

But when it comes to making use of artificial intelligence in CMS, the concept is very new. Still, there are many challenges to overcome when it comes to the implementation of AI in CMS of many companies. In usual conditions, and in CMS of many companies, AI is used mainly to identify your behavior patterns.

Artificial Intelligence

This data will help the companies determine the priorities, look into your requirements, and then modify the restructuring of services and products. By looking into the detail, companies may expand their revenue.

Artificial Intelligence is used in Content Management System in two ways –

Graph Learning Technology –

At present, it is the social media which is going great guns when it comes to advertisement. And you cannot post any banner or poster as they act as representative of your company. Now how can you know which type of images, content, and statements get the maximum likes on your website?

Artificial Intelligence

It is possible with AI algorithms. So, the bad banners, posts, and content get omitted. The content writing team and digital marketing team can only work on the best inputs given by the viewers.


We can see a glimpse of surprise in your face. Do banks even use AI and that too for their CMS? You bet. How else do you think that they can check into giving your loans and other facilities? Let us imagine the situation. You work as a digital marketing executive in a company offering AC repair in Hyderabad. Your company has tied up with another popular start-up which provides not only AC repair services in Hyderabad but also for other electronic appliances.

Artificial Intelligence

Now you apply for a home loan in a reputed bank. How will the bank check your credit history? The bank executive will check your personal details in the CMS database and find if you have defaulted from other banks. This is but a small example of AI in CMS. The AI algorithm will check every of your credit details and give the perfect report to the executive. Then the bank will decide on whether to give the loan or reject the application.

In the next article, let us see how Artificial Intelligence can Influence Content Management Systems.

Exploration of New Horizons

Have you ever come across a reputed e-commerce website in a native language? Very rare. Now how does the e-commerce giant Amazon garner so many customers? When you have a website which has become popular on a global scale, there is a need to introduce even local languages. So, the AI algorithms get introduced to the website so that the English language gets translated in a perfect manner to the local language to get more customers.

Insight Into Content

In recent times, the customer should get a personalization experience. This aspect has been understood very well by many customers. So, the companies advertise their new products/services on the internet in the form of social media posts, podcasts, videos, and audio clips. There are also chances where you need to write long or short forms of SEO marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

And it is not that just posting an image will take it to the right audience and get the maximum number of responses. You need to make the post in a consistent manner and at right timings of the day. So an AI which can post at the right time will be a boon for the digital marketer. In other words, the automation process.

Let us imagine, you are working as a digital marketing manager in a company which provides mobile repair in one part of Mumbai. To ensure that your company remains the top leader in the mobile repair segment, you have done two activities. The first is to team up with a company which provides phone mobile phone repair service in Mumbai (the whole city).

You have your own website for your company and a digital marketing team. Of late, you find that the posts on Facebook and other social media platforms are not getting enough engagements. So, you implement AI algorithms on your website. Now, the team has access to the banners and post which have got the best response. Your company is on the path to generating more revenue.

Propagating The Content

Let it be any platform. Responses are important. If you have sent a message or complaint, it is the digital marketing executive’s responsibility to address the issue within 24 hours. How will the executive come to know about the response to be given? It is via the AI algorithm in some platforms which give an alert to the mobile of the executive. Then he/she can log in and give the apt response.


So, with the last paragraph, we come to the last part of how can artificial intelligence help improve the content management system? There is also another part of customer service management associated with AI. The chatbots. AI chatbots can help give perfect responses to your queries.

On the other hand, there are chatbots with machine learning applications which do not need human intervention or assistance for even complex queries. Now the ML chatbots learns from every interaction with the customer, and it is programmed to store information. This is another method where the concept of AI (sub-branch ML) has helped another industry.

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