5 Smart Ways which you can Implement to Build High Quality Backlinks

high quality backlinks
5 Smart ways which you can implement to build the high quality backlinks

Build High Quality Backlinks

MOZ conducted a recent survey which shows the result that 37% of the organizations and business owners spend up to $50000 per month to create external link building.

What do you think is the driving factors to invest in link building? Marketers feel the internet information is massively expanding and the culture of building links have transformed with the standard format given by the Google Algorithm.

Initially, Link building was all about submitting the articles in a bunch of websites to derive the external link back to your site. But now external link building all about high Page Rank.

This may be a massive result as they have the capabilities to generate high traffic and money on otherwise if they get wrong you may be penalized. Hence here are the 5 Smart ways which you can implement to build the high quality backlinks.

  1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the nominal method practices by many digital marketers across the globe. Guest Posting means you contribute free content to a different website. In exchange, you revive a link back to your site.

These are links that can even be placed in the author bio or you can cite them even in the body of the blog. Many websites and bloggers have adopted this method as they have the win-win formula of marketing.

One gets to earn a high quality backlinks while another person gets free content.

But now that Google has issues warnings related to guest post as well.

You must understand that there is a vast difference between the content submitted in abundance but still has low post value and relevant, high quality articles. Guest posting is always a useful link building tool only if you know how appropriately you can position them.

  1. Broken Link Building

5 Smart ways which you can implement to build the high-quality backlinks

Broken Link Building works efficiently to build one-way backlinks that are reputable and easily maintained. Broken links are commonly massacred to your websites and building broken links solve them quickly.

Yes, you know the internet keeps movie the content algorithmically and there is every chance some of these links may be broken. This is one of the reasons why you see “404 error” or the “Page no longer exist” messages.

When you build the broken links the search engines get the chance to crawl through your content and help you place among the index of the sites.

You need to plan and make a strategy over building these type of links for your website. For example, rather than creating a new post every time you can use the broken link and can embed them in your own content that already exists.

On the other hand, if you do not have any content for the targeted link, you may at least get to create something new. The most crucial part is you have the complete ownership for your content, and some feel it is better than guest posts.

  1. Master Skyscraping

Skyscraping is the newest technology practiced by bloggers and digital marketers. All you need to do is find your space in the content that is already excelling.

In this way, you can come up with the valuable content ideas that will help you to earn brand new links for the site. After the process of finding the popular content on the Google rank factor, you can check the backlink profile.

This does not mean you elaborate more. If there is an article on “15 ways to improve your Instagram account” you cannot improve the value of link by creating a content stating “20 ways to improve your Instagram account”. Instead you need to find the missing piece.

Here you have to improve the quality rather than just quantifying them.

To sky scrap the link here are the following questions you must be able to answer:

In the existing article

What is the question that was not answered?

What is the instruction you to follow?

What purpose is missed out of the article?

By answering the above questions precisely build content that can generate high quality backlink for your website.

  1. Deal with infographics

Infographics are ruling the market, and they are the favorite reason why many sites drive traffic very quickly. Infographics always gain valuable backlinks, and they are very easy to understand and share.

Especially if you have the website or blog that is focused on a specialized niche, then infographics Are the right thing to do. Much influential media publication across the globe publish numerous infographic from the internet.

But when you set these infographics link, you must be careful to verify if they are from the authentic sources.

You can never play with data as your audience may find your website credible and authorized. Make sure you search for the current trending topic and get the infographic after them.

Also, many surveys and the data are being updated now, and you need to ensure that you get along on the track as well. Because people are going to come back to your website.

  1. Watch for Competitors backlinks

5 Smart ways which you can implement to build the high-quality backlinks

This may sound silly, but most of the internet based businesses are running on the strategies build over the competitor’s link. This is a two-way process, once you get to understand the path in which their marketing has been planned.

Secondly, you get the excellent backlink for your website. Figure out which are the website they use, and you need to be careful about the domains they choose for these backlinks.

The simple way is to start identifying the top 10 sites that are listed on the search engine and pick out the domains.

Activate the monitor backlinks tool offered by Google that allows you to find the competitor sites easily. Also, they push notifications whenever there is an update with the new content on the competitor website.

You can gain weekly reports to understand the SEO pattern used in these websites and blogs. Using these techniques can help you find the right source for setting high quality backlinks.

Wrap Up:

Earning backlinks can be absolutely challenging in a competitive environment. But backlinking is the easy opportunity to open a gateway for the right resources and method.

Always remember that maintain these backlinks are as relevant as building them.  Now drive the traffic for your blogs and website using the techniques mentioned above for creating huge High quality backlinks.


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