Choose The Cheap Dish Cable Channel Pack, New Rule of TRAI

Cheap Dish Cable Channel Pack
Cheap Dish Cable Channel Pack

Choose The Cheap Dish Cable Channel Pack, New Rule of TRAI

In this Article “Choose The Cheap Dish Cable Channel Pack” I will explain in Detail new Rule of TRAI. After 12 days, the channel’s math will be changed on TV. Declared TRAI (Indian Telecom Corporation Limited) to DTH and Dish cable operators from February 1

The new rule will be fully implemented. TRAI has given its customers the convenience of selecting and favoring your favorite channel. DTH or Dish Cable is being claimed to lose its bill. Dish TV, AIRTEL and VIDEOCON, DTH, with the major DTH operators, have started the facility of selecting options through websites and phones. TATA SKY, on the other hand, refuses to take the option.

Use a simple TRAI tool

TRAI has created a tool for packing which is available on “”. From the tool, you can select or deselect the channels selected by selecting filters like language, SD, HD. After that click on ‘View Your Selection’. You will have to click the ‘Optimize’ button on the next page. It will see the best combination of bookies and different channels depending on your needs. You can apply this list by downloading this print and by telling the DTH or Dish cable operator.

Two easy steps to choose from

If you are using a DTH operator’s website or app:

You can select the channel you want by going to the website or app. HD, standard (SD), type (kids, cartoon, movies, sports, etc.) and language options will also be available. Along with this there will also be books issued by broadcasters. Some large Dish cable operators have even launched your app. You can also pack them on the go. Operators 75 are showing your list of free channels. However, we can call any channel from the 548 channel.

If There Is A Cable Connection Or The Operator’s Website Is Not Using The App :

Based on the name of all the channels, they can make a list of channels based on their views on TV. After that, you can call the Dish cable operator or DTH Customer Care number on this list. Booking information is coming to different channels of advertising. Can choose between both bouquets and different channels

If there is a confusion about choosing a channel, then read it

Has gone to court Tata Sky against rules. TRAI has sought disclosures from Tata Sky. The next hearing will be on January 23. On the other hand, local Dish cable operators have different opinions and uncertainties regarding the results of these rules. Small Dish cable operators still display the most channels in two to two and a half hundred rupees.

In addition to their profits, the technical Lack of facilities (app / website) can be seen in their service. If the customer does not tell them their favorite channels, they will be able to make a package of 250-300 rupees and apply them according to their wishes. Federation tray new

Agreeing the rules. But at the same time there is dissatisfaction with the method of income. DTH can be cost saving as compared to cable, because in the past some operators operated up to 75 rupees for some channels, but now the tariff limit has been fixed.

According to TRAI operators can no longer charge arbitrary charges for the channel. Customers who see the channels, they have to pay the for this. Many broadcasters are offering book or package ads on their channels. But customers can choose between Free and Paid Channels independently.

There are some irregularities even after TRAI orders. We went to different operators’ websites and tried to select the channel pack. However, operators themselves are presenting 75-channel Free-to-Air packages.

But TRAI has given the option of 548 free channels. In addition, the dish is also including a channel like Star and Sony in their Free Channel. It is being advertised in their package .Any package according to the rules

Or the Paid (paid) channel is not included in the free (free) category. Customers can ask to show any free channel from the 548 channel. Until now the operators display the channel according to their minds and citing TRP is a big deal.

Learn all these rules.

  1. What’s going on?

TRAI has given consumers the right to choose the channel of your choice. So the only channel subscribers can see what they want. This rule will apply on January 31 and the customer will be able to select channel Can see. A total of 100 SR channels will have to pay Rs. 130 (Rs. 153 per GST) to watch.

It is mandatory to show the circulation in 25 channels. The remaining 75 channels can be selected for this type of free and paid. For more than 100 channels, 25 channels will have to pay more than 20 rupees. In addition, the charges for paid (paid) channels will also be paid.

  1. Can both channels of HD and SD be selected?

The customer can choose any standard channel. The cost of two SD channel in an HD channel will be considered the same.

  1. Damage that will benefit?

If the channels are considered carefully, it will be useful. Many broadcasters have given package options. Different rates of channels are available for full free up to 19 Rupees. By choosing from this, customers can make their own personal packages through DTH or Dish cable operator.

  1. What if the channel is not selected?

The primary service package will be applicable on DTH service. It can only see 100 channels with free-to-air (free). For that, you have to pay a network fee of Rs 153. Your favorite channels can be filled later on.

  1. What will happen if you have paid advance or annual package?

Customer will retain its old package term (validity) till expiry or from February 1, we can accept the package according to the new rules. If so, DTH operator or Dish Dish cable operator will have to adjust the money at the new package rates.



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