Major Difference Between Blogging And Content Marketing

Blogging And Content Marketing

If you think you can compose content for a high domain site, you are a blogger but the process of increasing readership and online visibility fall under content marketing. As the term itself sound, the scope of content marketing is obvious.

It is used to promote and market a product or service whereas the means of promotion can be blogging.

Therefore, those who call themselves a marketer just by composing well-versed content this blog is sure going to be an eye-opener. Content marketing has a much broader scope in the online world. It increases the online reach and progress of a brand or service. It captures the market through various techniques.

The Strategic Difference

If you ponder on the strategic difference, you will find a massive difference. For instance, when you plan to compose a blog, the main areas you like to focus and the target is to first get yourself aware about the target readers and to know how well you can craft a content. You focus on the researched materials and formatting of your blog, which includes headers and visuals.

However, when it comes to sketching the strategy for marketing, you have to focus on every area included in it. The major content marketing elements include the following:

  • Infographics
  • Social media posts
  • Explainer videos
  • White papers
  • White papers
  • Podcasts
  • Vlogs

Likewise, when carrying out analysis, the marketers have to not only pay attention to the target audience but they have to tap into the progress and strategies competitors are applying to do even better than them. There is a lot of work involved rather than merely paying attention to composing interesting headers.

The Tone and Voice

Secondly, in blogging, you have a certain style of narration. You can be witty, persuasive, informative, and descriptive. Argumentative style is also preferred for some cases. However, in content marketing, the main idea is to promote so the tone and voice revolve around promotional and persuasive voice only.

You can never be argumentative or poorly descriptive as the attention span of readers is too low.  For instance, when looking for a Wikipedia Writers for hire you want someone who can write comprehensive articles whereas a marketer will be efficient in composing short but engaging content pieces.

The Duration in Task Completion

You are well aware of how long it takes to compose a thousand-worded blog post. But there is no fixed duration for performing content marketing, The standard duration of six months is recommend by newly established firms but only to identify the scope of the brand.

The established companies never stop marketing and promoting their products. Their campaigns run every year and get updated after every new season.

Evaluation and Monitoring

When it comes to evaluating, the maximum you are asked to do is to proofread your content for mistakes. After completing your blog, you can run software or two to become sure about your document. If you find any error, it would be a typing issue or problem with the uniqueness.

Secondly, there is no need for any kind of monitoring in blogging. You can check the response or stats about the productivity and performance of your blog that is. You compose it and get it uploaded your work is marked as complete.

However, in the content marketing phase, things are pretty complicated. You have to constantly check the performance of your campaigns and evaluate the lead generation. You have to look at the increasing rates of conversions and how far up the ranks your brand has reached. There are bigger goals in content marketing to evaluate and monitor.

You get your hands on high tech analytical tools and software along with running Google analytics to view each aspect of your campaigns along with keeping an eye on the different stats. Depending on the reports, you have to make the changes and improvise your campaign for better performance.

Wrapping Up

So, here is the rightful elaboration as to how blogging differs from content marketing. If you are a blogger you must ponder on improving your skillset rather confusing it with other professions. Every professional is equally important in one way or another.


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