Earn Money Online Easily Without Investment – Blogging And Youtube

Earn Money Online Easily Without Investment – Blogging And Youtube:- In today’s time, many people are making money online by uploading videos to blogging and Youtube. People who are reading this post for the first time or for the first time in this type of post, will have a lot of confusion now.

In this post, I will tell you about this, and I will tell you about how to earn online money from the internet and will remove all your confusion so let’s know.

There are so many ways to earn online money from the internet.

There are many ways to earn online money on the internet but there is only one popular way to earn online money on the internet. Which is a #Blogging and the other is #Youtube. Most people earn income from this topic.

Benefits of Blogging

How much money can we earn from the Internet?

You may also be thinking about how much money we can make from internet. But this depends on you and your work because you know that we will get as much of the results as we work harder. If I tell you about myself, then I am currently earning $ 80-100 for blogging, which is still very low. But if I talk about Hindi Me, then their monthly income is 5-6 digit points. Many more people are making money by blogging. But I would definitely like to say that if you work well then you do not have to do any job.

What information should be made to earn money from internet

If you are a beginning and you do not know anything on the internet then you do not have to take any tension because you will get all the information. All you have to do is follow our blog. And you can become a regular member of our blog. You can subscribe to our blog by dialing your email address below.

Both ways of earning online money from the internet

#Blogging and #Youtube are the most popular in terms of making money and we will tell you both of these ways, which can help you to choose the best way for you. So let’s know.

#Blogging: –

The most popular way of blogging world is to earn money online. If you do not know what is blogging. So you can learn by clicking here. We will give you all the information related to blogging, just visit the dale on our blog or you can become a member of our blog. You can create a blog in Blogger Free. We have told about how to create blogs on Blogger. You can learn by clicking on this link.

Now you should be wondering what to do after creating a blog, then you have to write 20-30 posts on a topic. And write the hai post between 300-1000 words. If you are new to the career of blogging, then you have to comment on us so that we can help you. When you are new to blogging, you will get your organic traffic equal, so share your post on social media so that visitors come to your blog. When a good visitor comes to your blog, you can earn money from your blog. But you will need Google Adsense to earn money from blogs because you can make money through this, I will tell you about Google Adsense at bottom. If you want to know how to earn money by creating a blog then you can learn by clicking here.


Youtube is the world’s most popular video sharing website, which comes at number 2 after Google. You can also earn online money by uploading videos to YouTube. Now you should be wondering how to earn online money on youtube, you will need a video to earn online money on youtube but you can not upload videos of any other You can upload your own video on youtube Otherwise, if you upload a video of another, then it will come under copyright, which will not cause you to earn money and your channel will also be suspended.

What is the difference between blogs and websites?

There is a rule to make money on Youtube, which should be 1000 hours of watch time on any channel and 1 in 1000 subscribers in 4 years of watch time, you can earn online money from youtube. Well, I have already told youtube about good information. Click here for more information.

What is Google Adsense ?

I was told above that if we tell you about Google Adsense, let’s know.

Google Adsense” is Google’s company. It is an advertising company that means it’s an ADS-looking company. As an example: – When you see a small 3-5 second AID before visiting a video on any website or on any YouTube, this is Google Adsense ADS.

Now you may be wondering how it will happen if you apply Google Adsense ADS in your blog and Youtube video, when somebody comes to your website or youtube video, they have an ADS show if they If you click on those ADS then you have income. And your income will be saved in the Google AdSense account. You can transfer money to your bank when your account balance becomes $ 100.

Well, I have already given a lot of information about Google Adsense. Click here to know more about Google Adsense.

So friends, I hope you have enjoyed our post, if you still have any questions, you can comment on us. For more information, you can comment or contact us on Messenger.


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