Elements of Children’s Illustrations that make them Perfect!


The illustrations that are designed specifically for the children are different from the illustrations that are designed for the audience who belonged to other ages. That is mainly because children perceive everything differently. They do not see the visuals as settled narratives that represent concrete ideas.

Rather, for them illustrations are the gateway to the world of imaginations that touches the edges of their unconscious minds. They are not taking concepts from the illustrations but they are picking stimulants that are powerful for shaping their concepts as they grow.

This makes it clear how important are the illustrations for developing their minds through visuals. However, the way kids perceive illustrations shows that illustrators need to focus on the details of their art when they are aiming it at the kids. They need to understand what are the elements that they are required to add to their works to achieve an influential and powerful illustration result.

This article is for the illustrators who want to master the art of illustration for the children. Following these illustration tips can make you make a space in the list of the top children’s book illustrators. Read on to know in detail how you can design illustrations that are regarded as perfect for the kids’ mental and emotional development.

Make it Happening with Colors!

The kids are active in their approach as they are in the fastest growing age of their entire life. Even if they do not seem to be physically active, their minds are continuously working on receiving new concepts, learning new things, exploring ideas, and curiously seeking the answers to their questions. With this much activity on their mind, they do not want to look at a visual that would slow them down. They want it all moving, growing, and progressing and that is probably what they should be wanting.

This is the reason why artists should make sure that their art has this active and moving impact. Color it all with brightest of the hues so that it looks alive and endorse the activity. Colors are most evident active element in the illustrations and so, make them be loud and active even when the scene is passive and slow to complement the storyline. Other than that, there are other techniques as well that can be used for filling in the illustrations with action.

Distinctive, Clear, Simple, and Narrating

It is important for the children’s illustrators to present their concepts in a distinctive and clear light. There is no space for confusion, vagueness, or complexity. Children do not work with the ideas as we do because they cannot impart the ideas with that much accuracy. They do not know how to transform the visual illustrations into a full-fledged narratives.

So the artists have to present the storylines in a more simplistic and clear manner that presents the ideas distinctively and understandably. Kids love simplistic yet open to imagination kind of illustrations and that is what top children’s book illustrators do to achieve their goals.


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