What is Ethical Hacking? Types Of Hackers In Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking
What is Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking ? I told you in the previous post that what is Hacking. And many Types Of Hackers In Hacking. For read previous post Click Here

What is Ethical Hacker

What is Ethical Hacking in this post? Let me know about it, so let’s know. There are many types of hackers in hacking. One of them is Ethical Hacking and today you will learn about Ethical Hacking. So let’s know. What is ethical hacking and about it

Ethical hacking is also called white hat hacker. If you do not know about White Hack hacking well then click here. This hacking is considered to be legal hacking. Any hacker has to take CEH certificate for hacking it, then a hacker can do this hacking or else it will be considered as a black hacker.

When a hacker hacks any company, then he has to take the first permit from that company because there are some rules in ethical hacking, and all of their information has to be kept secure and can not be used incorrectly. After taking the permit, I strengthen the security of it too. Many companies keep this hacker in the job and give them high amount. So that all their information remains secure.

History of Ethical Hacking

After the 1980s, the internet had become quite popular and was very weak in terms of security, which could easily be captured by any information, so the United States created a team called Tiger to protect the security and prevent hacking. It was his job to hack any system and to identify the weaknesses of the system against theft or loss of all its information and it would be more Was But.

Ethical hacking was first used by the USAF (united state air force). Ethical hacking word was first made by john patrick in 1995. Initially, these hackers were called sarati and duplicate hackers, but later many hackers were put on their jobs.

Limitines of Ethical Hacking

There is some limit of ethical hacking, anything can happen, it can not break its rules.

  1. Ethical Hacker has to take CEH (Certificate Ethical Hacking) certificate for hacking.
  2. Ethical hackers can not hack without permission.
  3. Ethical Hacker can not share any information. Nor can he misuse it.
  4. Ethical hackers can not break their rules.

Benefits of Ethical Hacker

If ethical hackers are considered to be good, then their benefits will also be good.

  1. These hackers do not misuse any information.
  2. It prevents black hackers from hacking any system.
  3. Our security is also strong
  4. Any system can use it by believing that it is secure.

Ethical hacker is considered a legal hacking, all companies keep the Ethical Hacker job-oriented to keep their security and data safe. If you also want to make a hacker, then you can do an Ethical Hacker job.

So friends, I hope you are good at knowing about it (what is ethical heck). If you like the post, share it with social media and your friends and also comment together.


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