How to Get Rid of Adhesive Stickers Safely from Your Car?

This world is a mixture of various kinds of people which also includes annoying ones. Those kinds of people usually engage in notorious activities that might be fun for them but for others that can be frustrating. One thing we have discovered is people who are possessive about their car become very much angry even when a bird shits on it. Though it is not under anyone’s control.

You must have seen that some advertising companies or local Business owners hire people for applying stickers on poles, walls in the market, or rickshaws for branding purposes. They sometimes playfully apply those stickers on cars as well without the owner’s permission. This playful act can be frustrating for the car owner. This section will cover some tips and strategies by which you would be able to remove those stickers without affecting the paint.

How it goes?

Step by step we will see how a sticker can be removed without any chemical use from your car’s body or glass.

Use a hair dryer to loosen up the glue of the applied sticker. One thing you must keep in mind while using a hair dryer is that keep it away from car’s paint while using. If it accidentally touches the body, it will leave a mark. Make sure that the sticker and surrounding area are free from dirt.

Wait for a few minutes and use a razor blade (for glass) or a debit card (for the body) or a similar card to slowly peel off the edge of the sticker. A gentle approach should be taken at this step to prevent any kind of scratches.

Try to lift the sticker’s edge so that you can hold it easily between your fingers for putting much more effort. If necessary you can again use a hair dryer as many times till the sticker completely gets off. Don’t get angry if the sticker partially comes off; just keep repeating the process until you succeed completely.

The smart approach

If you find the above idea tricky or inappropriate, then we must suggest using a special adhesive remover. There are lots of brands available in the market with different types of chemicals used. You should go check in the market to find the one you like. Another important thing is to always have good wiper blades for your car.  Good wiper blades also helps you remain safe and having clear views without obstructions.

The adhesive removers are so specific that they allow you to easily peel off the sticker without damaging the car’s paint or appearance. Though you have to spend some bucks to buy an adhesive remover it will help ease the process of removal. Here are some key benefits of using adhesive removers:

  • Fast and efficient

They are known to act a lot faster as compared to the above-mentioned method. It will also save time and eliminate any hassle. Adhesive removers are also highly efficient and leave no residue of the sticker after its removal.

  • Simple to use

Adhesive removers are very easy to use as they just required to be sprayed on the sticker. Once sprayed, the sticker will soak the solution and everything will be removed by a damp cloth with ease.

  • High reliability

They are completely trustworthy and use can use them as many times to remove stickers without any negative effect on the car’s body. These solutions are also admired for not making car’s paint dull & leaving any patch after use.

What else can be done?

There also some other ways by which stickers can be removed. The list goes as follows:

  • Ice pack

You can try placing the ice pack over the sticker for a few minutes, this will cool the adhesive. Then use the razor blade gently to remove the sticker easily if required.

  • Nail polish remover

Many have tried nail polish remover to get rid of the stubborn sticker and it did work. So, you can also try adding a few drops of the chemical over the sticker and then removing it either using a razor blade gently or nails.

  • Rubbing alcohol

It is another chemical that can be used for removing the adhesive sticker from your car’s body or glass. The process is simple as it was for nail polish remover, pour, wait for a few minutes, and remove using nails or a razor blade.

Note: Using a razor blade for removing the sticker from the car’s body is not advised. Using it on the body might result in scratches. If you are using it on your own, use it gently.

We have covered some of the ways by which you can get rid of the stickers applied by advertisers, annoying people, or kids. Though you can select the one you find suitable but our advice is to use adhesive removers.

As these removers are specially formulated for removing stickers and are completely reliable. They are also simplest to use without any adverse effects.


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