What is Google Drive? Benefits of Google Drive

What is Google Drive? Benefits of Google Drive
What is Google Drive? Benefits of Google Drive

Google is a very large popular search engine. And Google shares its server all over the world. Google has many platforms. Which is free today, will tell you about a Google platform named Google Drive.

Google Drive is an Andriod apps and it remains preinstalled on every andriod phone. Because this is Google’s product. Googl drive is also free because of being a Google product. And in this post I will tell you how it is used. So let’s know …

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is Google’s product. Which Google launched on April 24, 2012. google drive file hosting is servis. This means that you can upload any file on it. You can easily upload any files you have. And you can keep your file save and safe by uploading it. You can save your personal file to life on google drive.

Benefits of using Google Drive

There are many benefits to using Google Drive You can put any photo, video, file, docoments, PDF and more in it. And the special thing is that your entire file is completely safe. Any file you upload can also recover that file. You get 15GB of free space in google drive. For more space, you can buy more than 1TB at very low prices.

How to use Google Drive

Google Drive gives you a preinstall in every andriod phone. And it’s absolutely free. It is very important for you to have a gmail account to use it. If you do not have Gmail, then you can click here. All you have to do is login from your Gmail account. There is no need to create an account in it because both gmail account and google drive are Google products. So these two are linked to each other. You get 15GB free space when you login from a Gmail account. If you need more space then you can buy more space than 1TB.

How to upload any file to Google Drive

Uploading any file on Google Drive is very easy.

1. To upload a file to a Google Drive, first click on that file or photo for a while

2. After clicking, you will get an option, click on the share to share, after clicking on the share you will see the icon of google drive below

3. After clicking on Google Drive, you will have the option to change the name of the file and to change the Gmail account here. You can select from wherever you like. Below you click on the save button.

Now your file will start uploading. If you want to save any of your personal files or photos safely, then upload it to google drive only. All files here are completely safe here.

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