7 Healthy Hair Foods Which Promote Hair Growth

Hair Growth
Hair Growth

Hair falling out or Hair loss  – Everyone wants to have healthy hair. it’s very hard for people to see their hair falling out. Hair loss becomes a mess if not treated hence you need to promote your hair to growth healthily or else you’ll end up searching hair transplant price in Karachi. When we talk about healthy hair people think of all sorts of store treatments and products.

You would opt for nourishing conditioners and repairing masks to help your hair grow. But what if we tell you that all this is not needed, you can simply alter your diet to achieve healthy hair.

You believe it or not, but foods do have an impact when we talk about the healthy hair growth, because the diet your intake helps your hair to also grow and provides the vitamins and minerals which are essential for it. Here we have listed all those foods which can help you in achieving healthy hair with minimal or no hair loss.

  1. Yoghurt:

This is one great source of protein as it contains Vitamin B5 – protein is very essential for hair because the hair follicles are made up of proteins, hence it is essential that you serve your hair with proteins. Vitamin B5 helps in improving the blood flow, when your scalp would receive enough blood, it would promote to healthy hair growth. The vitamin is also incorporated in some shampoos, it also prevents hair thinning and hair loss.

  1. Spinach:

Yes, this is that dark green vegetable which is full of vitamins and minerals. It possesses a lot of essentials for your body such as, vitamin A, B, C and Beta Carotene and Iron. You must be aware of the fact about hoe these vitamins are essential in nourishing hair and preventing them from falling out. It helps in moisturizing your scalp, the more moisturized your scalp is there are very low chances of hair breakage. Therefore, never miss out on your greens!

  1. Salmon:

It is packed with healthy fatty acids – these are those acids which your body can’t make and hence, you need to get them from the food which you consume. You can have fish like salmon and mackerel as they possess a number of health benefits specially for hair and skin. It helps in protecting you from diseases too and boosts your hair growth while making your hair look shinny and thick.

  1. Cereal:

One of the common problems faced by people these days is iron deficiency – this is also one of major reasons of hair loss. Therefore, make sure you’re getting plenty of iron for your hair. Therefore, you also need to alter it in your diet so the best way to eat cereal, grains and pasta. Soybeans are also referred as one of the essential sources of iron.

  1. Chicken And Turkey:

These are foods which are very rich in proteins, you need to include them into your diet as proteins are very essential for your hair. One of the biggest reasons why new hair don’t grow is that your old hair is falling out – due to this problem many people end up with bald patches on their head. There are many sources of proteins, but it is always recommended that you stick towards the healthy options. You can lean poultry such as chicken as it provides all the essential amount of proteins which your body and hair needs.

  1. Sweet Potatoes:

Well, potatoes are not always fattening, if you think that your hair looks dull – then start having sweet potatoes as they contain powerful antioxidants which helps in getting shinny hair. So, whenever you feel potatoes would contribute nothing but fat, then consider consuming sweet potatoes instead.

  1. Cinnamon:

You can just sprinkle a bit of cinnamon over your food as it would promote healthy circulation because it is known for improving blood circulation in the body, it would also ensure that your body is getting enough nutrients which are needed.


Your hair won’t stop falling if you just depend on using chemical filled products. You need you make amendments to your diet, because the major reason why hair fall happens is because of malnutrition and inappropriate diet. Therefore, start consuming foods which are rich in proteins and nutrients as they’ll promote hair growth.


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