How To Access Blocked Websites With VPN

How to access blocked website

Friends, in This Article “How To Access Blocked Websites With VPN ” we discussed all about blocked websites and how it is open. many website have been banned from time to time in our country of India. Most of which are websites that are harmful to us. But still we cannot live without using them.

you also know that if a website is blocked in a country, then after staying in that country, we cannot run that website in our mobile or computer.

But for your information, I would like to tell you that even if certain types of websites are banned in any country, we can still open those websites with the help of proxy sites and VPN.

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There are many free and paid proxy sites and VPN services on the internet, through which we can Open any blocked website in Your mobile or computer.

Here I am telling you about a free proxy website named Through this you can open any blocked website in your phone or computer.

But before telling about this, I would like to tell you that whenever you do not have any of your independent and personal account details in any free proxy site or free VPN services. Because there is no faith in these free services. It can also hack your data and misuse of your data.

So use these free proxy websites only to open a site. Do not include details of any of your accounts.

So let us now tell you how to open blocked websites in India from Free Proxy site.

How to Open Blocked Websites

1: – First click on’s website by clicking here.

2: – After that the home page of this site will be opened in this way.

3:- Let the same server stay the EU server.

4:- Here you have to put the full link to the website that you want to open. For example, let’s assume that we have to open the twitter website. Then its full link will be, the full link to Yahoo will be In exactly the same way, you put the full link to that website.

5:- Then click on GO.

Just after that website in the next page you will open your mobile or computer in the same way, it will be open, and you can use it comfortably.

In the same way you can open any website blocked in India or in any country.

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