How to Block or Deactivate WhatsApp Group Link

block WHATSAPP group link

How to block/ deactivate WhatsApp group link? How to deactivate the WhatsApp Group’s invitation link

Friends, as you know, WHATSAPP is the most popular Messenger APP in India and Almost every Internet user uses WHATSAPP. We use WHATSAPP to chat with our friends and Joining the groups.

Many times In order to add more members to our WHATSAPP group, we also make our friends in the group as administrators so that they can also add to their friends.

And now a new feature has also come in WHATSAPP, through which we can create an invitation link of our WHATSAPP group, by clicking on the link of that link, any WHATSAPP user group admin can do that group without permissions.

While USE to this new feature of WHATSAPP, we sometimes send the invitation link of your WHATSAPP group to anyone in any of your WHATSAPP groups to add more people, and after that, In our group, many unaware people start getting addicted. After that we are releasing that we should not publish the link to our WHATSAPP group like this.

So now in such a situation, we shared a link to the group where we left and it is not possible to remove it from all those places. Therefore, the best in such a situation remains that we revoke that WHATSAPP group link. Or deactivate that Group link so that no one can click on that link to join our WHATSAPP group.(Watch Anime Click Here)

How to Block the WhatsApp group link to Deactivate?

Today in this article we will give you If you have to block any of your WHATSAPP group links, then definitely read this article to the last. How to block the WHATSAPP Group link to deactivate?

To block or deactivate the Friends WHATSAPP Group Invitation link, you have to follow the steps below.

  1. For this, first open the WHATSAPP application in your mobile and open the group whose invention link you want to block.
  2. Then click on 3 Dots which is shown on top and click on Group Info.
  3. Then click the Invite Via link.
  4. After that, some options will come in this way. You have to click on the link of RAVOKE Link.
  5. Then again you will be asked again in the next page that if you want to invite this group invitation, you will have to click on RAVOKE Link again.

Just then you will have a message show that your group’s old inventory link will be available. Deactivated Now no one will be able to join your WHATSAPP group by clicking on that link.

Note: – Group Link’s RAVOKE will give your Group’s old invitation link will be deactivated and a new group link will be generated, so if you have to share the link to your group with someone after this, you can share the new one with an invite link.

By doing so, you will be able to get your WHATSAPP Group Invitation Can block / deactivate link. If you have any problems in this process, then you can ask and comment.

So you must definitely love this article on how to deactivate the WHATSAPP group link of Friends. If you like this information, please share it with your friends.


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