How To Create A Gmail Account Step By Step In Mobile And Desktop 2019

How to create gmail account

How To Create A Gmail Account Step By Step In Mobile And Desktop 2019 – In the instant time, the Internet is used for almost all kinds of tasks and fields. There are many such websites where you can work your mind, but often these websites ask you for your email to do all these tasks.

If you are working in an office, you have to give your email so that people can send the necessary official data to you on email. So it is very important to have an email at the present time. Most people often use Gmail for email.

Gmail is a very reliable email website because it is Google’s product. All the necessary information on making email is being given here. You can create a Gmail account using this information.

There are many advantages to being an email. when you go for a job, you are asked your email several times or if you ever fill out a form, then you are asked to write your email it so that they will send you an email later. Could contact you through

To create a Gmail account, follow the steps given below.

Step 01:

To create a Gmail Account, first, visit the Gmail website. To visit Gmail’s website, type in your Internet browser and press the Enter button.

Step 02:

As soon as you go to the Gmail website, you will get a page. To create a Gmail account, where is written Create an account click here.

Step 03:

Now a new page will open and this page will be a form, we have to fill this form.

A – we have to fill our names. The first Name means the first word of the name if my name is John Latham, then in my name John is my first name, and Latham My Last Name. Here you fill your first name and last name.

B – Here you have to enter the username or select the username that says whatever username you choose will become your email (Gmail id). If you wrote john here, your email (Gmail id) will be something like this john56, whatever username you enter, it should not be anyone in the past. If you already have one, then try writing another username.

C – Create a password: – Here you have to type the password that you want to keep for your Gmail account. Now to confirm that the password you wrote above is rewritten in the confirmation box (Confirm your password).

D – Birthday: – Write your birth dates here – In the order of Month, Day, Year (Year).

E – Gender: – Here you are male (male) or female (female).

F – Mobile Phone: – Enter your mobile number here. Enter the mobile number that is in the current state. On this mobile number, you will get the verification code by Gmail.

G – If you already have an email address, then put it here.

H – Here’s where the text is written Prove you’re not a robot, click on the box at the bottom of it, and where it is written type the text, fill in the code written in the image above in the lower image.

I – Here’s how to select your location. If we belong to the United States, then we will select the United States in Location (location).

J – Click here to tick and agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

K – After filling the form, click on the next step.

Step 04:

As soon as you click on the next step, a new page will open for you. This page is for verification of the account. Here you have to enter your mobile number, which will be sent to you via the Verification Code. After entering the mobile number, you have to select the way you want to send the code to Gmail.

Phone Number: Enter your mobile number in this box.

How to send you codes: – Here are two options to send you the Gmail verification code. The first option is – Text message (SMS) and the second option – Voice Call If you want to receive the Gmail verification code by Text message (SMS), you will receive Verification Code by SMS, and if you want to receive Verification Code by Voice Call, Voice Call Select option. We have selected the Text Message option here.

After selecting the mobile number and how to get the code, you can click on the Continue button.

Step 05:

As soon as you click on the Continue button, a new page will open in front of you. This page is filled with the verification code you received.

Phone Number: Enter your mobile number in this box.

Fill the verification code you received

After filling the verification code, you can click on the Continue button.

So friends were the last step of making this Gmail account. This way you can create a Gmail account.

Some Very Important Points

If the email ID you choose is not unique, then you have to change the ID. Gmail gives you the option of email given to you. One of which you can keep in the form of your email ID.

Actually, this happens when someone is already using the email you entered. Once the email ID is selected you have to select the password.

Email: Any user has very important information. If a user’s email is stolen, then with the help of his email, the entire charge of the activities also comes to the Consumers. Therefore, selecting the email id should be done very carefully.

You need a good and safe secret code for your email. Google also helps you in this matter. You have to create a password with the help of 8 letters or numbers, in which you cannot use special characters.

mobile number for verification

You need to verify your account after you’ve set your password. Google uses the mobile number you provide for verification. Here you get a group of hidden digits with the help of simple messages on your phone number, which is required to be given in one option of the page. This is called a one time password.

After this, you need to agree to all the terms and conditions of Gmail. After you have successfully filled all the things, this option gets at the bottom of the form. You will not be able to create a Gmail account without clicking on it. So you must click on it.

Gmail Mail Dashboard:

In the Gmail Mail Dashboard you can easily put or change the background profile picture of your inbox. You can do this task with great simplicity.

How to set profile picture:

To apply a profile picture, you have to go to the profile icon on the right side of the inbox. Here you will find the option written ‘Change’. You can select this option and add favorite photos to your profile in your profile.

Once you are satisfied with your uploaded profile, you can complete the process of setting up your profile picture by selecting ‘set up profile picture’.

How to change themes:

To change the Gmail theme you need to go to the settings option. In this option, you get the option of ‘Theme’. Using it, you can easily change the theme too. In this way, you can easily create a Gmail account with ease.

Gmail with the help of a smartphone:

You can also create Gmail using your smartphone. All the processes under it are computer-wise. But you do not get Gmail’s home page in the phone and only get the option of ‘Create an account’. By selecting this option, you can follow the next procedure for making an account, which is described above.

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