How To Find IP (Internet Protocol) Address with 3 Different Ways

Find IP Address

This article is about How to Find IP Address. we know about how we know the IP address, but I have seen a lot of people who use computers and the Internet Daily but they not know about their IP Address, friends will know first what the IP address is, then we will know how we can know the IP address, so let us know what is the IP address.

What is IP ADDRESS ?

The full form of the IP address is the Internet Protocol address, the IP address is a numeric ID that is given to every connected computer device, the IP of each computer or device is different, and the advantage of IP address is that we use it to make contact with each other in an IP based network such as Internet.

As you have come to know that each computer has an different IP address, in the same way, every internet user has different IP address, even if every website has an IP address, we can see those websites and open them. We can say that the IP address is like our online IP.

There are four types of IP Address: –

Public IP Address

Private IP Address

Dynamic IP Address

Static IP Address

Alos Their are 2 versions of IP address are IPv4 and IPv6, whenever you are connected to the Internet, the IP of both versions may be generated. The IP address consists of four parts and (Dot) is between these four parts. (Dot) is, for example, see this IP address as the IP address is of type:

So friends, about this very small information of IP address, hope that you have now become the basic information about the IP address, so now let us know how to know the IP address.

How to Find IP Address

There are several ways to know the IP address, in which you will tell me three ways that you will be able to easily find your IP address: –

  1. Find out the IP address of the computer using the CMD command
  2. Know your IP address from Google Search Engine
  3. know the IP address using the website that addresses the IP address

So let’s make know all these methods and Find their IP address.

How to know the IP address from CMD command in Windows

We are using Windows 10 here, even if you are using a different Windows, even if the cmd command is the same, then let us know which cmd command we can find the IP address


  1. First of all, you click on the Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen, after that you search by typing cmd in the search.
  2. Search cmd in search, As soon as you search for the cmd you will see the command prompt in the search result, click on it.
  3. you will open the Command Prompt window, Here you type “ipconfig” and then press the Enter button on your keyboard.
  4. After press the Enter button You will get all the information of the IP address in front of you and from here you can find your IP address with very easily.


So friends can help you find out your IP address with the help of Command Prompt, this is our first method. We know about Second way.

How to find an IP address using Google

You may use the Google website to do a search but friends, do you know that you can use Google Website to find out your IP address with easily, just for that you have an internet connection

  1. To Find out your IP address from the Google, first you open the Internet browser and then open in your internet browser.
  2. When the Google website opens, you can search by typing my ip in the search box. as soon as you search, you can see your IP address in the search result.

Friends, you can easily find the IP address using Google Search

Know the IP address using a website that shows IP Address

There are so many websites that we can easily identify your IP address

Here we can find out IP Address from

First of all, go to, for that you write in the address bar of your Browser and press enter button.

Now as soon as you open you will find your IP address here.

So friends can see your IP address with very Easily by using the website that gives you an IP address, hopefully you will be able to know your IP address comfortably.

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