How To Find Profitable Niche Keywords For Your Website

How To Find Profitable Niche Keywords For Your Website
How To Find Profitable Niche Keywords For Your Website

Today we’re going to show you how to find profitable niche keywords for your website first thing is stop buying keyword tools you just  stop I’ve tried a bunch of them and you know I’ve bought a license to long tail Pro and I’ve used others before them and all the free ones and we actually think that it does more harm for your business generally than it does good and as we’ve consulted with people building their niche sites we want to show you some examples of why yeah so we’ve I mean we’ve consulted with a lot of people and I would say that the number one thing that I noticed that comes in all the time is everybody wants to have confidence that they have a good idea.

yeah so they’re spending all this money on a keyword tool and after doing lots and lots of research there no more confident than they were before and then they still come to us for reassurance yeah and it leads them to bad results we’ve seen absolutely bad decisions where people like based a whole website on a keyword that was a bad idea and they’re like but the numbers look great in this keyword tool so an example we saw from a client oh whatever a couple weeks ago.

I was a perfect example of this he was he searched for the keyword best s yes  and he said I was really excited about this site but I’m not going to do it now because I looked it up in the in the keyword tool and it only gets a thousand searches a month no not true on the entire internet in the whole on the whole planet that only a thousand people a month search best  not a chance that that keyword is going to get tons of traffic.

If you were to rank for that there’s no way that’s correct and all the time I’ve done this you know I’ll look it up in the tool and then you know we have a network of sites and so we can actually test it yeah and so I’ll do a keyword that I know I ranked number one for and I know how much traffic we get and I’ll search it on tool and it’ll be like Oh huh no not even cool yeah it’s not apparently everybody on the entire internet searching for that keyword is coming to your site reading your article not only that but four times.

you know so here’s the problem when somebody’s recommending a keyword well I’m sure there are some good keyword tools out there I’m not saying there aren’t I’m just saying my personal experience our experience building a network of sites and working with others is it is going to waste your money and lead you to terrible business decisions so we want to show you a better way to do it the reason that market is out there is because they want you to pay money to fix your problem and you can’t you need to do a little work but as we’ll show you it’s really not that hard to do speaking of bad business decisions.

The number one bad business decision that people make is spending money on something that doesn’t have a return on investment how much money does a keyword tool cost they’re 70 bucks a month yeah that’s a lot of money and unless the keyword tool is going to earn you more than 70 dollars a month which if it does what people think it does the value there you are totally there yeah but just from what we’ve seen is that it just doesn’t add anywhere near that much value and the reason they’re being recommended so often is because they have high affiliate commissions

Alright so let’s talk about two ways to do it two that we’ve found to work right like we’re not saying these are the only ways to do it there are tons of different ways to do keyword research this is just what’s work best for us first is if you’re looking for a keyword to base a whole website around like you’re just getting started then I would definitely go just don’t even worry about going to the website just go to just go to Google and type in niche site ideas and you’re looking for an article on income it’s just called 50 niche site ideas ripe for the taking and the article like does your keyword research for you.

If you’re looking for a new site and basically what it is we have a network of websites we just can’t take all the ideas we you that come up and go after all of them so every time we have an idea we add it to this list that we’ve been maintaining this article for like two years and we’re constantly adding new ideas to it so like this one I had an idea back in 2014 to start a boat buyers guide a website it just teaches you how to buy a boat if you know nothing about boats well we actually followed through with that idea and that website is for sale right now for $85,000 because I actually followed through I wrote 30 articles using these keyword techniques.

That we’re going to show you and it actually worked or you know a 4k movie review site like people are buying 4k TVs so go watch movies and say you know which one has the best 4k to show off your TV stuff like that we have we have tons of ideas on here you know concealed-carry this is a killer keyword if you’re into guns there’s a great keyword you know how to build a tiny home or like a backyard office you know sporting gear for dogs these are all of them could be very good ideas and we you know found your domain for you everything.

I just have to follow through yep okay then the other idea this is the one that we use more than anything else so let’s say we’re making a new website with our topic and facial trimmers for guys sure so we’re  you know maybe we’re going to make a website called handsome right and so we’re going to talk about just you know shaving oils and all that kind of stuff how to be it do some manscaping and as part of that.

We’re going to be recommending you know like trimmers like beard trimmers right okay so that’s our site so we haven’t done any of this this is off the cuff so now we need to find those profitable keywords if I just write an article called best beard trimmers this isn’t going to work I’m not going to rank I’m a brand new website Google is not going to trust me lots of people have about written about this for I need to find a niche .

So I’m  type in Google you can’t see my screen because that’s functionality is our beard trimmer I’m typing in Google and then I make a space and the letter A and let’s see what it has go for your beard trimmer Amazon beard trimmer attachments beard trimmer and shaver beard trimmer apron d-ring apron yeah that’s a total winner to me like they’re not going to be a ton of articles of people that are writing I you know reviews of aprons for beard trimmers right like this isn’t that and frankly this probably isn’t going to earn you a ton of money but it’s something that can get you ranked get your first dollar online.

I think when you start a new niche site you should get a check from Amazon your third month and then you know it really ramps up from there but this is it like this is a tiny little keyword so we’re using the Google search suggestion we’re typing in part of the keyword and then space the letter a and we just see what it those little search suggestions are then we go to beard trimmer space B beard trimmer space see and we just go through the alphabet and we find tons of things.

I like that beard trimmer carry on which beard trimmers are safe to take on an airplane that you can actually get through security with excellent yeah there you go yeah and look at these the articles that that are here stink you know it’s like they’re worse oh yeah Quora yahoo quest answers it’s terrible those are if you had a good article like you know a good article like fifteen beard trimmers that you can take on an airplane.

You can totally rank for that and so what we’re literally doing this on the fly it’s really easy to find keywords when you’re just using the Google search suggestions and then when you and then do the search and then see if it’s something good so we did the search how do we know if this is a real competitive keyword or not what are some things that we saw in this listing that we said that’s a winner like we’ve learned too that but right how do we know that it’s not too compressed.

So one of the things that I’m looking at are you know what what’s the authority of the of the search results right so our first result here for beard trimmer carry-on is the TSA okay they are an authority on here they’re going to rank number one but number two three and four are all like we said Quora or Yahoo answer type sites I mean there’s no authority there it’s a forum type situation free.

I mean for you to show up there you’re going to be you’re going to have a lot more keyword density in your article than Yahoo does here you’re going to get more authority on your site than Yahoo Answers does several down below it you know travel tips tip advisor flyer talk I mean these are sites that are not again they’re not focused on the shaving niche on the trimmer niche or anything like that so.

I guess I’m just looking at the authority of the sites the information that’s available through these types of sites it’s just not going to be the kind of detail it’s not going to be thought out and researched the way that yours is yeah I look at the same kind of thing a couple other things that I consider as well as the length of the article if you’re seeing like thousand word articles ranked that’s a big opportunity.

I’m going to go right under meaty 2000 500 word article and they stand a very good chance of ranking and then also things like you know the number one result is TSA that’s going to be hard to beat it’s a dot gov website it’s obviously very authoritative but the specific page on the TSA that we’re link to here is just my TSA home airport homeland security right this is not about beard trimmers I’m sure it has the information on that website somewhere but it’s not about beard trimmers and it’s not going to answer your question if you’re asking which beard trimmers can I take on an airplane right so we have a very good chance.

I promise you if we could we could rank number one for this in very short order and this is probably a pretty darn good keyword you know a beard trimmer is expensive you know i cheap one is probably around forty bucks an expensive one could be two hundred so this fits in the price point that we try to hit with our with our niche sites and doesn’t look too hard to do absolutely so.

that’s why we don’t use keyword research tools now that’s an affair we don’t know exactly how many people are searching beard trimmer carry on good point but let me tell you what neither do any of the keyword tools to tell you that they do they act like they do they don’t we have seen it over and over again they are wrong I don’t remember a time where I saw I was like yeah you nailed it’s right it’s never right.

It’s never I and so that’s a very good point and the other thing is why would Google put these search suggestions when I type beard trimmer space see which is how we got to this keyword why would Google give us a random search that nobody ever Titan oh it’s a certain people or tapas of search suggestions is it’s going to save you the time of finishing out the rest of it right so.

It’s picking the most popular searches right there it this has been such a helpful way for me to find keywords that actually work there have been very few times that it didn’t work for me like where I actually ranked and it was like oh great I didn’t people come to the website you know right like it’s just it’s always worked for me and you know you got to exercise a little bit on sense but if you’re adding just a little bit on sense and just and you’re using the search suggestions that’s been our most reliable way to find it.

So be sure to check out income once you’re ready to do it you can actually do a niche site consultation with us which is pretty cool I don’t really see any other you know successful internet marketers that are offering something like this but this is like our personal time this isn’t like outsourced to India biz like us like you fill out a survey you tell us what kind of website you’re thinking about starting just kind of the topics kind of what expertise things that you know.

Fill out that survey you email it to us and we sit here in front of these microphones right here and we’ll record as you know 10 15 minute audio talking through the idea we’ll do some research for you and find if it’s going to be a successful one or not and people make mistakes all the time that we’re able to save them years of work because you know the idea just wasn’t quite there for the website so it’s there it’s a niche site consultation available on income and they’re really reasonably priced so something to check out as well thanks everybody for checking out our website.


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