How To Know If Someone Block us On Whatsapp Easy Way

How To Know If Someone Block us On Whatsapp Easy Way

How To Know If Someone Block Us On Whatsapp?

Friends, you must use WHATSAPP in your phone as the WHATSAPP is as popular in India as people do not do anything in their mobile but WHATSAPP definitely uses them. In today’s post “How To Know If Someone Block us On Whatsapp”, we will give you a WHATSAPP trick. By which you can find out in just 1 minute that who has blocked you on WHATSAPP?

if you are confused about any of your friends on WHATSAPP blocked you, or You do not know, then this post can be of great help to you.

Because the method described here can tell you only in a few seconds that WHATSAPP Blocked or not, or if we block any WHATSAPP Contact, how does it look?

So if you have some misunderstanding with your girlfriend boyfriend or any other friend, You are afraid that he has blocked you on WHATSAPP and that’s why if you want to confirm that he has blocked you on WHATSAPP, then at that time WHATSAPP trick can prove to be your very own work.

So let’s go. If we do not do much time now, we know that how do we know if we block any WHATSAPP? Who knows who has blocked us on WHATSAPP?

It is very easy to find out about friends WHATSAPP has blocked us or not. Well there is no such option in WHATSAPP so that we can detect it. But here we are going to tell you a WHATSAPP trick through which you can easily find out which of us at Block WHATSAPP has been blocked by contact or friend.

Know If Someone Block Us On Whatsapp with following steps

  1. Firstly open WHATSAPP in your mobile.
  2. After that click on the 3 Dots in your WHATSAPP and click on ‘New Group’
  3. After that the WHATSAPP contact list will be opened in front of you. If you press people on the number you want to select from which you are dubbed that they blocked you.
  4. Then click on the Next icon.
  5. After that, you will be asked to create a name for the group in the next page, so you give some names and create a group.

Now here you have to pay a little attention because if that person has blocked you on WHATSAPP There will be an error in front that you can not add this number to the group as it has blocked you. So if you have blocked it then you will know about it.

But sometimes they do not come to an error, so after making a group, once you go to the group member list, check that the number is in that list or if that number is not available to you in the group member list, then understand that Blocked on WHATSAPP.

And if that number is shown to you in the group member list, then it means that he has not blocked you.

Ok, By this method, you can find out in just a few seconds. Which of our friends has blocked us. Or do we block the WHATSAPP or not? Then Friends May understand that we have been blocked on WHATSAPP or not know how you would have liked this information. If you love this article, please share it with your friends.


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