How To Make And Celebrate Christmas Festive in 2019

Celebrate Chrismas

Make And Celebrate Christmas Festive in 2019

There is a large number of Christian people in Western countries where a big festival is celebrated like Diwali.

* It celebrates the festival for 12 days. * In the meantime, in the garden, together with the church, candles are called Christmas songs (Carols).

* 24-25 December night is important in this festival. Because at that time Jesus Christ is born. Special prayer meetings were held in the church on this day.

* For children, the midnight of December 24 is important. When Santa Claus enters the house chimneys and sits on the boys’ feet hanging

* For everybody on the Christmas tree, some gifts are hanging on. People first look at those gifts for the first time on December 25.

* Animal pets also have their favorite gifts.

* Every night there is a banquet. They are the big guests of the house as the main guest. Friends and relatives join the banquet and do fun.

Christmas is the festival of Christian brothers. Jesus Christ was born on December 25. So this day the Christian brothers celebrate with great joy. This day is also known as ‘Christmas’. On Christmas Day, Christian brothers decorate their homes.

Wear new clothes. On one corner of the house, the Christmas tree is set up. They decorate this tree very well. At the door or in the four corners of the pane, they get rid of the stars. Write greetings on the moonlight. On Christmas day the church also decorate.

Christmas songs

All Christian brothers meet in the church on midnight on 24th December. Pray. Christmas songs Everybody dances together. Greet each other for Christmas. People make their home cooking. There are various types of cakes. On Christmas Day, Natalah babies eat small children. Children love Natal. Christmas festival is celebrated with such enthusiasm.


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