How to Make Animated Videos Quickly and Easily

How to Make Animated Videos Quickly and Easily
How to Make Animated Videos Quickly and Easily

Creating or making animated videos is an original way to present a work or a project. Gone are the days of Power Point presentation or paper reports, now you have the option to make animated presentations to improve sales and explanations of your products.

Until very recently, the creation of corporate videos or to present a project within a company was only available to large companies, since the cost was high and only those with a good budget or a team behind with training could afford.

Currently this type of videos is much more accessible, allowing video production companies in Dubai and individuals to give a professional image.

Next we name some of the tools that we consider essential for the creation of animated videos and that can help us that our presentations have a touch of professionalism, but if you prefer something original outside templates and pre-designs you can see our animated videos.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the tools to make animated videos

This type of tools have made the task much easier, it is undoubted, but they are not all advantages when it comes to creating, there are objections that you should know before knowing how to make an animated video .


  • Wide library of graphic resources and characters.
  • Variety in the design due to the different offers.
  • Sound and musical resources.
  • Tutorials and advisors that will help you (in some plans)


  • You need a subscription
  • Knowledge in video editing.
  • Voiceover (Voiceover) has to be contracted
  • Plans with limitations in time, resolution and libraries (characters, graphics and music)
  • Easy to find a video with the same characters and scenarios.
  • Time in creation (script and montage)
  • Annual prices between 300 and 1000 euros


Actually, these types of platforms are interesting. Some of them like PowToon and Go Animate have a nice character design and the scenarios also have quality.

In many of these platforms the animation is reduced. I explain. The character usually has some animation (greeting, writing on the computer or moving his hands) but it is somewhat hermetic when interacting with the scenarios.

If you have practice with the animation and you have previously edited videos, you will easily adapt to the platform and you will be able to create very interesting videos. Of course, the most interesting subscription plans are not so cheap.

Another point to note is that your story should be based on the resources that the platform has. Before putting on the script, take a look at the scenarios and the characters.

Next, I tell you a little about each of these platforms.

Here I leave an article on YouTube advertising so you can know all the formats you have available for your promotion.

Make presentations and animated videos with PowToon

It is the ideal tool for animated presentations in a few steps. The large number of templates that account, make it very simple. You just have to add fonts, characters or other elements to the chosen template.

It has a free license with fewer options, but equally useful for a first contact. If this program meets your expectations, acquiring the full license you can use all the options of the program in a simple way, making this program a must in the creation of videos

Make animated videos with Wideo

With this tool you can create videos in record time. Very intuitive and easy to use program. It has a wide range of templates to which you can add your own images and audios.

It has a free license in which you can create animated videos of up to 45 seconds and an educational license, with all the available options

Create animated videos with Moovly

As in the previous tools, Moovly has a more limited free license in options, and the payment license with which you can access a wide variety of templates and options.

You can create videos, either from the templates that come by default in the program, or create a completely new one from scratch. Even inserting your own videos or audios.

Animaker to Make Animated Videos

It has a simple interface. The wide variety of effects and options make it very attractive for the creation of corporate videos. Like the other programs, it has a trial version and a complete version at a very attractive price.

It has a tutorial in English as soon as you access the tool, which explains the operation.

Make videos with Go Animate

It is a platform that allows the creation of animation videos with an image of extraordinary professionalism.

Designed to be used especially for companies and businesses, they include typography and elements that adapt perfectly to business needs.

The license of payment, has a wide variety of categories and elements, making it indispensable for those companies that want to give a professional brand image.

Create animated presentations with Biteable

One of the simplest in the market and free, which makes it ideal for a first contact with the creation of corporate videos.

You can make animated videos quickly and easily by following a few simple steps, to which you can add animations, text, color, photos and music. After the creation of the video, simply by clicking on the option “Email me My Video” you can send the creation by email

Sellamations to Make Animated Videos

Sellamations allows us to generate original videos in doodle format. Perfect to create videos to insert in social networks, since it’s eye-catching and originality make this type of video an ideal way to show the product or service quickly and directly.

MakeWebVideo to Make Animated Videos

Complete tool in which you can have a large variety of templates that are editable to better adapt to the needs of the user.

They also have the option of using their own images and sounds. Although the tool is free, in order to render it, it is necessary to pay for the template used.

Renderforest to Make Animated Videos

Program with an aesthetic and similar use to MakeWebVideo, since the user selects a template and personalizes it with its own texts, images or audios

It has several purchase options of the full version, very economical and adaptable to any pocket.

Adobe Voice

An interesting application only available for iPad.

The way of creation is very intuitive and quick: the user tells the story that he wants to capture with the help of the microphone and at the same time chooses the images that best adapt to the story.

This tool is so simple that any company, even the most modest, can create their own video easily and without cost.


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