How to Make Blogger blog for free look like a website 2020

Make Money From Blogger

Make Blogger blog for free – If you want to make money from blogging, then today we will tell you full details in this article about how you can create a completely free blog of your own.

In this digital era whenever we want the answer to any type of question, we searched directly on Google and from there we got a lot of different types of Answers and related searches from the instant.

But do you know that Solutions of those Problems also write Bloggers or writers like Google, they are called blogs?

In today’s digital era, almost everyone knows that how much hard work to do for build a website, but there are still some people who want us to have a website of ourselves that they are free but then they sit back frustrated. Because they do not know how to create a website, today’s article is for those people who want to create their own free blog.

What is a website/blog? How to create a website/blog?

Before knowing this, first we need to know what is Website / Blog? What can be the difference between a website or a blog?

What is the website?

The website belongs to a company or small business owners whom they use for their work such as Amazon, which is an e-commerce website, in the same way, Dell or someone else has their own business and with the help of those websites they are grow their business or their .

How to Build a Website?

To build a website you need to learn a lot of languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and if you do not want to learn, then you have to spend money only when you can make a nice website.

To create a website you need to get HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, JQuery. But if you do not have it then you have to hire a Web Developer and tell him what kind of website you want to build will give you the way you need it, so you have to invest a lot of money.

How to Build a Free Website?

To create a free website, you need a Platform, on which you can create free website, without having money you can create a free website.


You do not have to according to any kind nor will it need to pay any kind of money.

In this, you can create a good website in less time with the drag and drop method.

Below you are giving some sites that will help you to easily create a good website.

What is the blog?

Just as a company and person have a different way of doing things, the same concept of a Website and Blog is different.

Just like you have created a company and after that, employer gives job to Employee, in order to sell the company’s product, you have made the company’s website, but what kind of Your product work and products or services features that work in that product Blogs are made to bring things to the people.

In simple words, when you search something in Google, the result in which you show in which the result of which is the result is a blog.

How to makeFree Blog

If you want to create a Free Blog without spending some money or have stepped into blogging and you want to create a blog then you should make Free Blog.

Just as you will work on the Free Blog Platform, you will unde

rstand that platform and then you can invest some money.

If you want to create Free Blog then you will find many great platforms online, on which you can create Free Blog like Meetup, Quora, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr.

But you will only suggest 2 platforms so that you can easily blogging for a long time and success can also be achieved because the 2 platform is quite Famous and every Newbie bloggers use them.

1 – Blogger

2 – WordPress

So far you have come to understand that How to make free Blog.

How to make free blog on Blogger Platform

I told you above that both Blogger and WordPress are very Famous Platforms and we can use these platforms to create a blog in Free, so first we will learn that How to make free blog on Blogger Platform

1 – To create a website at Blogger, you must have a browser in a Laptop First, open Web Browser in your Laptop or Computer and open website.

2 – Now click on Create Account and enter your Gmail ID and Password.

3 – Now on the Laptop, you will see a “Create Blog” button in the left side, click on it.

  1. Now there will be a new Pop-up Window Open in your browser, in which you have to submit your Blog Detail, which will be as follows.

Title: – You have to keep the title of your blog in it basically Title which is the URL of the blog but sometimes the URL is in shortname, then here we have to keep the full name meaning that you have to write the name of a blog here Like “Infoneter” “shoutmeloud” etc.

Address: – Address in the address you want to type in the URL of your blog, for the URL you need to type a unique name. when your name is unique, then this will automatically get you this Blog Address Available.

Template: – In this, you have to choose the design of your blog like the design of other blogs, in the same way, you also have to choose a good theme for your blog! If you do not like Design, do not panic because you can change the theme later too. Click Here to Download newspaper 10 theme download with license key.

5 – If you have filled up all the information right then you can Click on create Blog.

Congratulation finally, you have created a free blog, now your blog is ready. Now you have to set the theme and create important pages and then start blogging.

If you want to check Front Design of your blog, open the same URL as the name that you entered in Address.

Like if you have Infoneter, then you can type to Browser.

If you create a free blog then you will have to a Sub Domain like if you create Free Blog in Blogger then you need to put

Conclusion: – If you also want to create a free blog, then you should follow the What is a website/blog? How to create a website/blog guide. You can create a blog from this guide in a very short time.

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