Interesting Facts About PUBG Mobile PC

At this time if there is some viral on the Internet, then it is PUBG.

As if this game has been kept in the foreground, then everyone gets the name of the same name, PUBG whether it be mobile or computer, or everyone is busy playing it.

And the most important thing about this game is that it breaks many records in the world of gaming.

Meaning you see on Facebook, on Instagram or everywhere on YouTube, like PUBG is shadowed.

Some people are playing this game day and night. And people who are not playing, they are upset to hear the name of this game.


And now this game has also ranked first on the Play Store.

50 million people have downloaded it so far.

What is it like in this game that makes this game so popular?

After which people are so crazy, in today’s video, we will know some specific aspects related to PUBG which you will not know before.


First of all, we will learn the full form of PUBG. PUBG is the full form of players unknown’s Battle grounds

Many of you think that PUBG is this game. This is a Chinese game and it’s China wall

If you have created it then it is a misconfiguration.

It has been developed by a Korean company and the name of that company is Blue hole and it was also a Developer of Ireland, named Brendan Greene, then you forget that it has been made by a Chinese company.


Brendan Greene who has developed this game, in which most of his time playing shooting games

Spend That’s why he knew every little bit of shooting games that helped him to develop his game. Brendan is a professional photographer developer, but spending most of his time playing the game, the interest in playing the wardrobe, after which he has many gaming companies Worked

But there was a new turn in his life when he got the CEO of the blue hole and he saw a good offer in a few days to South Korea and he and his team together made a PUBGy game like Brendan having a shooting game. Because of that, he knew Saradi Kanjiro from the shooting game, and he made the most popular game of this time by removing the sari defects.


Now Guy talks about how the PUBG game became so popular.

Like a society, a new movie has just arrived in the market. Then the movie’s production

Will pay the promotion of the movie like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and whatever Social

The media platform is there. So that a new movie has come into the mind of people in the mind

And we have to go to see them but Guys PUBG you are reading this post at and a rupee was not invested on promotions.


The game itself became popular with the people and laughs this game’s graphics, smoothness and its game

Play was quite unique. That’s why it became very popular and as soon as it became popular then people

Also started posting this game on the Facebook Instagram, which has its popularity even more

Has increased. And the most important thing about a game is that this game does not have any player computer

In the stage of this game, 100 of 100 people are playing with nothing. And when asked by the bullet and when asked

There is no indication of this, which makes this game more unique.

PUBG records


Gais PUBG was released in March March of 2017 and released 2 million copies of this game as soon as it was released

Added. And within 3 days of the start, this game had earned 70 crores.

And in one year, the game took its place in the 5 best selling games of the world.

And due to its populaty, it will soon be able to make its place on number 1.

And at pc, PUBG 2 is also the number one in the most played play.

You are reading this post at and at the Play Store this game has achieved a new place.

If you see this game since the game has been released, then you have just created record records.

PUBG Earning


Guy PUBG has not yet released his income, but he did earning a monthly income of this year, which was approximately 103 million, close to Rs 721 crores.

Now you will say that if you do not have any AIDS like the rest of the game in this game then how is it earning?

So friends PUBG is free for mobile only but it also earns it by selling its income cosmetic accessories.

Although this does not make any difference to the game, but after playing this game,

Occasionally we buy some cosmetic items.

And the PUBG game is free for mobile only but it only purchases you for pc and game console Have to do


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