Jio Fiber Starts, JioFiber Plan Announced With Free Prizes

Jio Fiber Starts, JioFiber Plan Announced
Jio Fiber Starts, JioFiber Plan Announced

Reliance JioFiber broadband service plan has been announced. The company had already told that the plan will start from Rs 700 to Rs 10000. According to the company’s claim, so far 15 million people from 1600 cities have registered for Reliance Jio Fiber.

Customers will be given TV Free with top plans ranging from Rs 1,299. Apart from this, Jio Home Gateway and 4K set top box will also be available.

There will be Bluetooth speaker and 4K set top box with a plan of less than Rs 1,299. Also, Jio Home Gateway will also be given.

All plans of JioFiber are prepaid for now. The company has said that postpaid plans will also be launched in the coming time.
The plan starts at Rs 699. The plan will start at a speed of 100Mbps.

For connection, one time payment of Rs 2500 will have to be made. Of this, 1500 rupees are deposits and 1000 rupees is non refundable. That is, when you close the connection, you will get only 1500 rupees back.

Gaming, device security, home networking, virtual reality and video content service will be received by RCITPL, a service company.

JioFiber monthly plan will start from Rs 699 to Rs 8,499

– Speed ​​of all plans will start from 100 Mbsp
– Top plans are 1 Gbps speed.

– Only internet will be available in the plan of 699 rupees. The speed of 1mpbs will be available after 100GB of data is exhausted.

JioFibre Long term plans

1. Users of JioFiber will have 3, 6 and 12 month plans available.
2. Through the bank tie-up, Jio will provide attractive EMI plans, so that customers will continue to get the benefit of annual plans by paying only monthly EMI.

Under the Welcome Offer, Jio Saavn and Jio Cinema App subscription will be free for 3 months with a plan of Rs 699 and Rs 849.

JioHome Gateway (priced at Rs. 5000) and Jio Set Top Box 4K (priced at Rs. 6400) with a plan of Rs. 1,299 to Rs. 8,499 – all these will be given free.

Speaking at the launch of JioFiber, Aakash Ambani, director of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd said, “We have customers at the center of everything we do. JioFiber was designed to have only one purpose, to give you a blissful experience.

How to get JioFiber

1. Go to or download the MyJio app
2. Register for JioFiber Services
3. If JioFiber will be available in your area, then Jio will contact you.

100Mbps speed will be available with the plan of Rs 899. There is a limit of 200GB after this, you will get 1Mbps speed. Apart from this nothing will be found.

JioFiber plan announced, these are tariffs, connection in 1600 cities simultaneously

If you are already using Jio Fiber, Jio will talk to you for the service upgrade.

JioFiber has emerged as a big challenge for broadband service providers. In the coming times, other internet service providers can also make their broadband plans cheap.

For the connection of JioFiber, the company is taking registration in advance. A confirmation message will come after entering the phone number, email ID and address.
If you are already using live fiber

Jio will talk to you about the service upgrade

Validity of preview offer

Existing JioFiber users will now be transferred to paid plans. For this, they will have to talk to the company. Before that, they will continue to use the service.

There will be many extra benefits with a plan of Rs 1249. Speed ​​of 250Mbps will be available. There will be a 500GB data limit.

You will get 250GB as extra data. At the end of the limit, you will get 1Mbps speed. Free voice calling will be available with this plan. Apart from this, TV calling and conferencing will also be available. There will also be a feature of content sharing.

Norton device security will be available with this plan

Speed ​​of 500Mbps will be available in the plan of Rs. 2499. The data limit will be 1250GB. Extra data will get 250GB. Voice call is free with this. There is also TV video calling as well as content sharing and device security.

With a plan of Rs 3999, you will get 1Gbps internet speed. With this, you will get 2500GB data in it. With this, free voice calling, TV video calling, Norton device security will be given. With this plan, the company will give vertical reality headsets. The most important thing is that there is a subscription to watch the film First Day First Show with it.

The most expensive plan of JioFiber which costs 8,499 rupees. Speed ​​of 1Gbps will be available in this plan. The data limit is 5000GB. Voice calling is free with this plan. Apart from this, TV video calling, content sharing at home, device security, first day first show option will be available. Virtual reality headset will also be given free.

Additional Information of JioFiber

Jio Fiber: India’s largest telecom service Jio is launching fiber service today on completion of its three years. It is being claimed in the reports that Jio can give all the information about fiber service plans and offers today.

Earlier, the company had claimed to start Jio Fiber Service in 1600 cities of the country from 5 September. Last month, the company also promised to provide free LED TVs and set-top boxes with Jio Fiber.

Plans have not surfaced

Last month, it was told by Jio that fiber service plans will start from Rs 700 and the cost of the most expensive plan will be Rs 10,000. Jio will provide internet services with speeds of 100Mbps to 1Gbps in fiber service. Apart from this, according to the information that has come, a preview offer can also come in fiber service. Under the preview offer, users can get 2 months of service.

Phone Landline Service

Landline service will also be available in Jio Fiber Service. In this service, users will get an offer of free calling throughout India. Apart from this, the company can also launch a special plan of Rs 500 for international calling. Landline phones will also be provided by the company.

Free LED TV and set-top box

The most awaited of welcome offers is about free LED TV. So far it has not been clear whether the company will provide HD TV or will get 4K LED TV. Apart from this, in welcome offers, users will get a free set-top box supporting 4K resolution. It is believed that this free LED TV will be available only after taking a yearly offer or life time offer.

How to register

To register for Jio Fiber Service, visit the official website

After this, users have to provide their email ID and address information.

You will also have to enter your mobile number on the website. OTP will come for registration on the given mobile.

After entering OTP your registration will be completed and you will get information about the further process.


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