Know if Someone’s Read Our Message on WhatsApp Without Blue Ticks?

Know if Someone's Read Our Message on WhatsApp Without Blue Ticks

Friends, if you use WhatsApp, you must know that when we send a message or some media file to someone on WhatsApp, and when the person who reads the message, then there are 2 blue ticks in front of that message, we know that he has read our message.

But if we want, you can also disable this blue tick feature inside WhatsApp. After disabling this feature, if we even read someone’s message on WhatsApp, even then the person who is in front does not know that we have read his message. Because then there will never be 2 blue tick in front of that message.

So if any of your contacts has kept this feature hidden in WhatsApp. Because of which you are not aware that she is reading your message or not. So this post is about to work for you. Because in this post we are going to tell you that if the person in front of the person has hidden the message blue ticks in WhatsApp, then he is reading our messages or not? How do you know this?

And anyway, some of our friends have disabled blue ticks in WhatsApp. And many times they do not reply even after reading our messages. When we ask them about it, then they lie that I have not read your message yet. That is why we cannot even say anything to them.

How to Know if Someone’s Read Our Message on WhatsApp Without Blue Ticks?

Today in this post “Know if Someone’s Read Our Message on WhatsApp Without Blue Ticks “we will tell you the trick. After using it, if the person in front of you has read your message then you will know about it. So that the person will not be able to lie.

So let us know about this trick while not wasting too much time. So, after touching blue ticks on friends WhatsApp, the front person is reading our message or not? It is very easy to find out.

For this you just have to send that person a record by recording an audio message in WhatsApp. When the person will play by playing that audio then in this way your WhatsApp will come up to 2 blue ticks in front of that audio.

From which you will know that the person has read all your messages. Because if he has heard your last audio then it is normal that he will have read the remaining messages.

Ok in this way if any of your friends have hidden the blue ticks on WhatsApp. Even then you can find out that he is not reading your messages. Friends, I hope this article would have liked you. If you enjoyed this post then share it with your friends as well.


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