How To Know If Whatsapp Message is Read Without Blue Tick

How To Know If Whatsapp Message is Read Without Blue Tick
How To Know If Whatsapp Message is Read Without Blue Tick

Instant messaging app Whatsapp is the world’s most preferred messaging app. The use of Whatsapp is more fun when you are aware of the special tricks of this chatting app. Recently we have detected a similar trick that will be very effective for users running the Whatsapp app on the iPhone.

Generally, whenever you read any message you received on the Whatsapp app, the sender gets two blue ticks under the message sent by him, but the iPhone users can now avoid it and keep the prints in their privacy.

Often users use airplane mode to avoid read receipt. Blue tick does not reach the sender by turning on this mode. Although there is a lack of it too. Whenever you bring your phone from airplane mode to normal mode, the sensor will get a blue tick.

To completely stop Blue Tick, you can uncheck the Reed Receipt option, but after doing so, you will not know about others whether they have read your message or not.

You will not be able to read such messages like Blue Tik

New models of iPhone come with 3D touch features. Due to this feature, the iPhones screen has an extra layer for better touch. If you press this screen a little bit then you will get some new options. This is where you will also see option option for Whatsapp chat.

With this option loud press and hold you can take full screen preview of Whatsapp chat. From this trick, you will be able to read all the receipts sent together and will not be able to reach Blue Tik near the sender who sent them.

Each trick has its own rules and these tricks are not even different from them. While using the Whatsapp chat option on the iPhone’s screen, hold it very loud and do not press it. Pressing more loud, you will reach the full chat window and Blue Tike will be near the sender.

These tricks of Whatsapp are available on iPhones of the iPhone, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Shamis.


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