What is Linux Operating System? Its History and Design

Linux Operating System
Linux Operating System

What is Linux Operating System?

Linux is an open source software that is absolutely free. Linux Operating System was first released on 17 September 1991 by the Linus torvalds. Linux is a command line interface (CLI), which means that the commands we give will be the same. Linux is a secure operating system. And it is receiving GPL2 (General Public License).

At the moment, Windows operating systems are most commonly used for PCs and laptops because it is easy to run and understand. And its interface is very easy. Have you ever heard of the Linux operating system?

Many people just will not know about this because it is a different type of software that is very different from the windows operating system. In this post, we will know about what is the linux operating system, so let’s know.

History of Linux Operating System

The Linux operating system was conceived in 1969, when Linux was released in 1971, when Linux was fully written in assembly language. After that, in 1973, Dennis Rich wrote Linux again in C language. C language becomes a high level computer language, making it easy to port Linux on different computer platforms.

But due to the antiturst case on Linux, the computer was refused entry into the business. Linux was named GNU (General Public License) in 1989.

Linux Operating System Design

Linux is similar to Unix operating system. Linux is a system that uses the Linux kernel to help control the control, networking, external equipment and file systems. And the graphics user interface is used by Linux. As I mentioned above, This is a command line interface. The CLI on the desktop is usually available with the help of a virtual console.

Linux Operating System does not support hardware.

Linux kernel is a ported operating system. Available from mobile phones to super computer equipment. For example ELKS can run on kernel fork. While the μClinux kernel can run the fork without a memory management unit. Over time, more improvements were made in Linux, which could be even better.

Use of Linux Operating System

Linux is completely different from the Windows operating system. And if its usage was different then let’s know what the use of Linux is.


Earlier, there was no game available for Linux but lately the game was created for Linux. Today’s games support nearly all operating systems.

There has been a lot of improvement in gaming on Linux now, including the future of steam integration, full screen and control support.

Personal use

It’s also easy to use personal as a Linux flexible hose, customizability and free and open-source.

HTPC-HTPC stands for home theater pc. This is a system of monoranjan. This one is connected to any device. Which improves the audio.

Digital Security- Black Linux is based on a Debian-based Linux that is designed for digital forensics. It gives better performance in terms of security.

System Rescue: – If Linux’s data becomes useless, then we can recover the data completely with the help of this.

Space: – Linux is a strong operating system, due to which it is also used in space. Linux is used in all the spacecraft. Which can be controlled without any problem.

In education- Linux is also used in education, with the help of this, students are taught programming language and coding.

Market share of Linux Operating System

The Linux operating system can not do the work that Linux can do. This is a free open source software. Due to this being free, it took a lot of work.

Desktop Computers

According to web server data, Linux has 2.1% share of desktop computers by November 2018. While around 87% of windows os is around. On the same macos 9.7% is the share.

Web server

According to November 2016, 66.7% of web servers run Linux / Unix. And 33.4% of web servers run Microsoft Windows.

Film production

Linux is also used in film production. The first movie on the Linux server was made in 1997 called Titanic. Since then many studios have started making movies on Linux servers. According to the Linux Movies Group, more than 95% of server and desktop users use large animation and visual effects companies.

What is the difference between Unix and Linux?

You must have heard of Unix, Unix is the operating system of the 1970s. Both Unix and Linux are mostly similar. Because Linux has been built like Unix. Both have the same design, system. But Unix is not free while Linux is free.

So friends, I hope you liked our post. If you have any questions relating to Linux then you can ask in the comment below.


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