Lost your phone? Keep Safe Whatsapp Account and Personal Chats

Lost your phone? Keep Safe Whatsapp Account and Personal Chats
Lost your phone? Keep Safe Whatsapp Account and Personal Chats

Popular messaging app Whatsapp is now almost necessary to be in every phone. In this case, this app is being used for chatting with friends from offshore things. Because of such dependence on Whatsapp, it is very important to be safe, and hardly any user would want to have any of his Whatsapp chats.

In such a case, the biggest worry can be when your smartphone is lost. Here we are going to tell you how to keep precious and private chips safe after losing or stolen smartphones. Follow these tips:

1- In the event of losing the phone, you should first call the mobile service provider and lock your number. In such a situation, you will not be able to validate Whatsapp app from your number without receiving an OTP from any SMS or call.

2- After activating the second SIM card with the old number, you can log in to the new device on the Whatsapp account.

3- Keep in mind, Whatsapp can be activated in one phone at a time. In this case, your account will automatically be logged out from the other device.

4- If you do not want to use a new SIM, you can send Whatsapp to a mail at [email protected]

5- By typing ‘Lost / Stolen: Please deactivate my account’ in the e-mail, you will send the full mobile number in international format and send it.

6- Chats should be back, so for this you have to back up before the phone is stolen on Google Drive, Icloud or OneDrive.

You should know these things:




1- Your contacts can send you a message. Who will be in the pending state for 30 days.

2- Reactivating the account, these pending messages will be available to you on the new device. You will also be in all group chats as well.

3- If you do not activate your account for 30 days, then it will be completely deleted.

4- Your account can be used with Wi-Fi if you do not request account deactivation even if the SIM locking and phone service is disabled.

5- Whatsapp can not help locating your lost phone


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