Make Money Using Facebook Instant Articles And Facebook Video Monetization

Facebook instant articles
Facebook instant articles

In this Post I’m gonna explain to you  how I made over $600 in a 24-hour period  using Facebook instant articles. Hey guys welcome back to my blogs name is Infoneter and in this blogs we talk about making money online, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and everything in between. so if you’re new Visitor so I want to show you in this Article that what’s possible using Facebook that it is indeed possible to make money using Facebook instant articles and also the Facebook video monetization.


If you’ll be following for a while you know that I have multiple Facebook pages I also have multiple blogs that allow me to just hire other people create the content and then that content is shared on those Facebook pages and from there I’m able to monetize that traffic using Facebook instant articles and Google Adsense.

So the other day I have one of my best days so far it was a little bit over six hundred dollars in a single day in a 24 hour period and that was done because one story actually went viral and that story had a lot of people sharing that story and it drove a lot of traffic.


to that specific story and at the end I received a lot of traffic typically on a month to month basis I’m able to generate over 1 million visitors per month on a single blog but in this case I was able to get over a hundred thousand visitors in a single day so I won’t tell you the process that I typically use that allows me to make even more money when I’m able to identify stories that actually want viral and how I actually continue to make money over the next few hours.

Because of those stories now before I get into the Article be sure to also download my free affiliate marketing guy in the description below it’s completely free it’ll show you exactly how you can actually open a Facebook page you know start your own blog or even make money with affiliate marketing and again it’s completely free.

you have nothing to lose so this wasn’t actually my biggest day I had my biggest day last year with over $900 earning in single day using Facebook instant articles and that was just a big news day and I was able to generate just hundreds of thousands of people to my blog and that allowed me to make money with Facebook instant articles.

Now what I’m going to show you in this Article that if you’re using Facebook instant articles right now or if you have a blog and you’re trying to make money with Facebook instant articles or Google Adsense or anything like that I’m going to tell you my one trick that allows me to just duplicate my earnings in a 24 hour period so with Facebook instant articles.

How you make money is if you have an article that’s 300 words typically Facebook will place one to two Facebook ads inside of that article so that means you make two impressions for every visit that’s keeping in mind that some people will not read the entire article so you might end up with you know 1.5 impressions for every single visitor the more ads you have on your articles the more likely you are to get more impressions.

so if you have a 700 word article with five ads with five Facebook ads you might get four or five impressions for every single visit what we typically do is we start creating the content and we don’t know what’s go viral but so what we do is we create the content with 300 words we post it on the Facebook pages so if the article actually goes viral

and starts getting a lot of traffic we’d go back to that article and start adding more content that includes pictures and videos and more text to a point where we have 700 800 words in that article what happens is Facebook will actually place more ads inside of that article so now that articles that’s been getting just one or two impressions it’s now getting four or five six impressions for every single visitor.

What happened is we went back we start adding more content pictures emails and text we expanded that article into getting five six impressions and that basically turned into a lot of money despite simply doing that just by adding more content to the exact same article was going viral allowed me to pull even more impressions from that same article and that turned into hundreds of thousands of new impressions.

That we actually weren’t getting before as a result we got as you can see over six hundred dollars in a single day of earnings from Facebook instant articles and this is a simple little tip that you can apply to your own articles on Facebook instant if you have it if you don’t have it again download my free affiliate marketing guide I’ll show you how you can get started with Facebook instant articles or just Read some of my Articles that explain the entire process in the end if you want to make even more money with the same article because that article is just exploding and people are reading it and sharing and all that what you can do is use Facebook Ads to just boost that article for just two or three days with a small budget of twenty-five to fifty dollars per day and that’s going to help it even go out to even more people and that’s

help you make even more money because for every single visitor now you have  four or five impressions why is it that you can make money like this with Facebook instant articles well the difference between that and Google

Adsense is that with Google Adsense you get pay per click with Facebook you get paid for impressions so the more people that view the ads the more likely you are to make money you don’t get paid by how many people actually click on those ads but you get paid by how many people actually view the ads whether they click

on it or not this is why Facebook instant articles is what I believe one of the best ways to monetize your

traffic if you’re not selling affiliate products or your own product this is just one of the best ways to make money because you’re not depending on how many people actually click just on how much traffic you can generate using Facebook so guys this was just a Simple Article to give you a golden tip that has helped me before to get to a point where I can take one article that’s performing really well and take it to a point where it can generate an extra two hundred three hundred four hundred dollars more just by adding more content and more

text to that same article so I really do hope that this Article helped you. thank you very much Reading my Article if you haven’t subscribed yet subscribe to my Blog by entering Your Email ID. Post Articles like this every Day with the intention of helping you guys make more money so like the Article comment if you have any questions below and I’ll meet you on my next Article.


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