Simple Methods To Remove 4 Common Pests From Home


Which is your favorite place on Earth? That is the question asked in a quiz. If it is a permanent place you would like to live, you will definitely mention home. However, it takes time and a lot of activities to keep the home safe and clean.

While cleaning is a simple activity, it requires a lot of effort to keep pests away from your home. In this article, we focus on the simple methods to remove four common pests from home.

1 – House Pests – Mosquitoes

You will be an individual who is the very epitome of grace and humanity. But in deep sleep, when the mosquito gives a buzz near your ear, then you will want to burn the entire clan. Leave the sound it makes during sleep, these pests, mosquitoes are also carriers of dangerous diseases such as dengue and malaria.



Tulsi, as it is properly known, can kill the larvae of mosquito. They will also check the breeding of mosquitoes. Have you ever gone to an old Indian home? You will find basil plants in the front and back portions of the home. This method was adopted mainly to repel mosquitoes.


You can easily identify a mint plant. And the smell of mint is not liked by mosquitoes. The extracts of mint leaves will keep the insects away.

Growing mint shrubs in the garden, in the balcony or keeping potted plants near the window, can deter mosquitoes from entering your home.

Lavender Oil

Similar to mint, the smell of lavender flowers and oils are so strong, that mosquitoes will beat a hasty retreat. You can also keep the lavender scent bottle in many areas of the room. The other options are – grow lavender plants around the home to deter mosquitoes.


This plant is a natural insect repellent and known for its insecticide properties. You can also burn a few stalks of rosemary plant near your home. The smoke arising from the burning of the plant will deter mosquitoes from entering your home.


Since mosquitoes are carriers of diseases such as the West Nile virus and malaria, keeping them off the home will ensure that the immunity low members in your family (children and elders) will stay in the best of health.

2- Simple Methods To Remove Four Common Pests From Home – Ants

Do you find ants in the kitchen by the thousands? Have you tried every method to get rid of them and failed? Then please check the paragraphs given below. You may find a new tip to get rid of them.



The most common method is making use of chalk and draws a line repelling the ants. The component of chalk, that is calcium carbonate is made from compressed shells and ground-up shells of marine animals. You can also make them into powder to repel the ants.

Which is the fruit that is found in the Indian kitchen and can repel ants?

You are right. It is a lemon. You can make a juice of the lemon and mix with one-third quantity of water. Did you find a crack which has ants? Then pour lemon juice into the holes. The best way is to scatter slices of lemon peels in the outdoor entrance. Or just mop the floor with the concentrated juice. This method is also useful to repel cockroaches and fleas from your home.

Orange Peels

You can make a combination of a few orange peels with one cup of warm water. Now if you find an ant hill in the garden or the kitchen, pour the mixture into the crack or sprinkle on the holes. This method can send the tiny pest packing out of your home.


Ants can detect the presence of sweets with ease. So, if you have left a sweet dish open, within some time, you can find swarms of ants in the kitchen. Now, to repel the ants, just make use of pepper. You can make a simple solution of cayenne pepper with water and sprinkle on the ants. For the ant holes, you can pour down the liquid.

3 – Simple Methods To Remove Four Common Pests From Home – Lizards

There are some pests which can make women shriek in fear. One of them is lizards. They can clear your home of small spiders, pests, and mosquitoes and keep the environment clean. We will give you the home remedies for lizards, but first clean the magazines, newspapers and get rid of the garbage.


Egg Shells

As per Indian tradition, you need to take the yolk out of eggs and then paint the shell with two big round dots. And also the egg odor will send these creatures scurrying out of your home. You need to keep the eggshells around all corners of the house, windows, and doors.

Pepper Spray

The spray made from pepper can irritate lizards. You can prepare a solution by making a mixture of black pepper as well as water. You can spray the solution in tube light corners (be careful), corners of the fridge and in kitchen racks.


Why do the tears flow when you cut onions? The odor. It is the presence of strong sulfur that is responsible for bringing the tears. Lizards cannot withstand the pungent smell and can retreat from your home. Instead of making an onion spray and sprinkling it on all areas, keep some slices in a bowl near the places infested with lizards.

4 – Simple Methods To Remove Four Common Pests From Home – Cockroaches

You may not believe, cockroaches, though the most hated creature on the planet is ancient than dinosaurs. The main reason for their survival is their slim size and their ability to eat any type of food. Although there are many remedies in store, the best one is to keep the home surroundings clean.


Are there dark spaces in your home? Then do not forget to clean them every week. The cockroaches can live their entire life off the dirty food and spills. Ensure you wipe the entire food off the counter. So, you can clean the spaces under the microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

Do not forget to clean the kitchen cabinets every month. The dark places are the ones where you can find the eggs. The other two remedies are –

  • Keeping food in sealed containers
  • Ensure that you keep the pet areas clean


So, mentioned above are the simple methods to remove four common pests from home – mosquitoes, ants, lizards, and cockroaches. But not all pests can be removed by the DIY method. The best example is bed bugs.

For example, you return home after a week vacation to your apartment in Mumbai. You find signs of bed bugs in your home. And these pests can spread very fast in little time. So what is the next best step?

To get the services of a professional skilled in bed bugs pest control Mumbai. But how will you find the right professional? Check with the app of companies which provide home appliance repair service in the city. They will have reputed pest control service companies in the payroll.

You can search for the company near your home via the app and then hire them. The next big advantage is that you can schedule a time for inspection. You can ask the executive to come at your own time for the inspection. Then he will suggest the measures. If you agree with the proposal, the eradication work will start.

Please note, that the time to completely eradicate bed bugs will be more. Do you want any laundry service? Then opt for the same app. These companies also provide services for online laundry in Mumbai. Do you have any old clothes and rugs that can contain bed bugs? Then give them a wash with professional service.

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