Make Money by Monetizing Facebook Videos By Ad Breaks 2019

You must have heard anything about Facebook Video Monetized or you have seen any video on Facebook. We are going to talk about the same thing as how Facebook earns money by monetizing videos. For publishers in Facebook Monetize option has come as YouTube, in which we can earn money from Ads by placing a video on our Facebook page.

To earn money from the video, so far only YouTube only is still popular platform but now Facebook has already come in this field.Facebook Video Monetized in Hindi/Urdu

Facebook Video Monetize (ad breaks) is a brand new launch now and there is some eligibility to do it too. Only after completion it can do it .. Let’s know in detail.

What is Facebook Ad Breaks(Facebook Video Monetized)

Facebook has created a new program for Publishers which can be monetized to the videos. in which the videos can be monetized. There is a small problem in the middle of the video, it is called Ad Breaks.

If the Facebook page does Ad Breaks, then the Earning comes from Ads on video, like YouTube.

Facebook ad breaks eligibility (Facebook Video

Monetized 2019)

Facebook Ad Breaks is all new now, so only those big publishers are getting access to it..If you want to make a Facebook idle, then you have to complete these limits.

If you are using a Facebook ad breaks, you will be able to complete the eligibility Criteria.

1 – Be Your Facebook Page Because Ad Break  is only able to add  on the page but not on the profile.

2 – Facebook page By 10,000 Followers / Likes.

3 –  You do not have any other content on the page which do not follow Facebook Policy. Content is Family Friendly.

4 –  Page Country or Language Support in the Ad breaks country and language availability list.

5 – Your Age must Be 18+.

6 –  FB Page’s total 30k + video views are Greater than 3 minutes videos , either by standing for 1 minute or so. You can 60 days to complete.

If you complete all Facebook Ad Breaks eligibility Criteria, you can earn money from your Facebook account.

If Monetize is done then we can do Ads on our video. But Ads only shows up on the video which is more than 3 minutes. Earning that comes with ADS gets through bank transfer and Paypal.

Now you can tell us by commenting on what you think Facebook Video Monetize can compete with YouTube. And what is the way people are earning money from YouTube will be able to earn from Facebook.


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