5 Tools to Help Popularize and Promote Online Dating Sites

Currently, one of the most competitive topics for search engine Promote Online Dating Sites. Owners of the web resource should understand that it is very difficult to be on top of the most popular requests, especially if the budget has significant limitations.

Specifics of dating sites

A web-based dating resource on the Internet has several distinctive features. First, it necessarily has a complex structure with a lot of information and user profiles.

Secondly, these sites are aimed at a very wide target audience; on the one hand, it is good, as it can give a large influx of visitors, but on the other – this makes it difficult to identify the interests of users.

Promote Online Dating Sites
Promote Online Dating Sites

Third, the presence of distinctive individual features that distinguish the resource against hundreds, if not thousands, of other similar sites is mandatory.

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Basics of promotion of dating site and their support

Today, it is very difficult to bring a Dating Site to the top of Yandex or Google high-frequency requests. It is connected with the increased level of competition. But this does not mean that the promotion of the site with such topics is unpromising. The basis for effective promotion is a comprehensive approach which implies:

  • – the presence of an original design;
  • – filling with unique content, interesting for the user;
  • – competent design of questionnaires of participants in terms of html5 and micro-markup.

5 tools to help popularize and promote online dating sites:

  1. By creating fake accounts and choosing the right strategy for communicating with the audience in social networks, you can attract a large audience to the dating site. It works both when attracting guys and girls;
  2. Advertising in social networks. Insignificant investments and competent targeting will allow you to get for your dating project thousands of new users, including active dating site members who will bring you money;
  3. Registration in catalogs and ratings. The subject of dating is very popular, so it has a variety of ratings. The registration is a guarantee of additional traffic, and getting high positions (including those on a paid basis) is a real way to increase the credibility and subsequent leadership in the niche;
  4. Creation of the right content. Even despite the growing popularity of dating sites, there are not so many unique and interesting publications on this topic. The use of low-frequency and high-frequency keys, together with the right choice of topics for publication, will allow you to reach the top of the list for these requests and get an increase in attendance (and other indicators) of the resource;
  5. Contextual advertising. This is another relatively accessible but at the same time effective opportunity to attract an audience to the dating site.

 10 rules for effective promotion of the site in the field of dating:

  • Creation of a unique concept and an exclusive web project different from the main competitors.
  • Taking into account the current trend of increasing the number of mobile users: development of a mobile application or a flawless adaptive version of the dating site.
  • Analysis of user behavior and reliance on the needs of the target audience of the resource.
  • Competent approach to technical optimization and the formation of a semantic core for search engine promotion.
  • Support of the project in terms of text content. The main task of publications and texts on the site on the subject of actioning is not only to increase the inflow of audience on low-frequency keys but also to increase the share of unique content due to the presence of a large number of non-unique user profiles.
  • The use of viral marketing which provides the promoted project not only with the growth of traffic but also recognition in the network.
  • Active work on promotion in social networks where the most active part of the target audience of dating sites – young people – is located.
  • Launch of the channel on YouTube or other video hosting sites and active promotion with the help of video clips, including viral ones.
  • Tracking brand references on the Internet, actions aimed at increasing recognition and improving reputation, including through comments and feedback.
  • Support for SEO-optimization through contextual advertising campaigns.


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