How to Read Whatsapp Messages without Sender Knowing Android

Read Whatsapp Messages without Sender Knowing
Read Whatsapp Messages without Sender Knowing

Todays in This interesting Article “How to Read Whatsapp Messages without Sender Knowing Android” we have discussed on most used whatsapp features. Whatsapp is the most widely used instant messaging app in the world. There are about 20 million Whatsapp active users in India alone. There are 150 million people in the world using this app. The company continues to release new features from time to time to improve the interface of the app. Only those who use whatsapp know about all its features or tricks. But there are many such tricks of this app, which you must know about.

Pin important chat

Finding a user by searching for a person by typing their name in the search box or scrolling in the Whatsapp chat bar is now the old way. You can pin your important chats to the top. Whatsapp offers the ability to pin three chats. To use this feature, tap the chat and click on pin to top option.

Can not find any users to read the message of others

You can read whatsapp messages you sent without any user information. For this you have to make some changes to your privacy settings. You have to go to Settings and click on Account Options. Here you will get the option of privacy, click on which you get the option of Reed Receipt. Turn it off and then you can read messages without any information.

Mark chat unread

You can also mark a chat as unread. Which you remember and you can reply to that message later. In order to use this feature on iOS, you have to swipe the chat right, where you will get an unread icon. At the same time, Android users will need to press chat to use this feature, after which they will get the option of Mark Unread.


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