Recall Whatsapp Message After Delivered Secret Tricks 2019

recall whatsapp message
recall whatsapp message

Today in this post “Recall Whatsapp Message After Delivered Secret Tricks 2019″I will tell you about the new feature of Whatsapp that you and all the other WhatsApp Users wait for a long time. And that feature is that you can now recall any massage you have sent on WhatsApp.

Recall means that you can call back any massage you have sent to WhatsApp User. Suppose that a person accidentally send a message on WhatsApp, which you did not want to send it, you can call back or delete the massage or delete it from its mobile. Suppose that even if the front person reads that massage, you can still delete the massage from your mobile phone with the help of this feature, which you have accidentally sends.

So Friends this is Nice Feature. Let’s just say I’m a teacher we How can he tell you. Friends earlier this feature is add only in GB Whatsapp But still add this in Official Whatsapp. That’s why I will tell you about both of these and how you can do this feature in Whatsapp.

Recall Whatsapp Message

Firstly, I will tell you about how to do it in official WhatsApp, after that I will also tell you about GB WhatsApp . So to do this feature in official WhatsApp, first you have to download the beta version of WhatsApp from Play Store.

After downloading the beta version, you have to mark the massage in Simply WhatsApp that you want to delete and click on delete icon, as soon as you click on the delete icon, one page will open in front of you.

In that page you have seen 3 Options Delete for me, Cancel and Delete for Everyone. Click on the “Delete for Everyone” option. After that the massage will be removed from the WhatsApp and no one will see that massage.

But you can only delete that massage when it is not more than 7 minutes to send the massage, if you have sent the massage If it has been longer than 7 minutes, then you cannot delete the original massage. Keep in mind.

So by these Steps, you are Recall WhatsApp massage in officially WhatsApp. Now we can talk about GB WhatsApp, For Use this Trick in GB WhatsApp, you have to download the latest version of it.

If you have never Use GB WhatsApp in your mobile till today, then let me tell you that any Android user will be able to access GB WhatsApp in your mobile. Can install. It is not necessary that you have a phone routed. Even if your phone is not rooted, you can still install it in your mobile.

So now let me tell you how you can call back any Massage in GB WhatsApp. For this, first of all you have to go to GB Whatsapp and open the chat from the person you want to delete.

After that you mark the Massage that you call recalls or back. After Mark Clicking on them you’ll find three dots in the upper right corner. after That 3 Option display in front of you that is Star, Recall, Translate. You have to click on the recalls. After clicking on the recall, the massage will be deleted from you and the person’s mobile, whether he has read the massage or not.

Note: – Remember one thing, you can only recall one Massage at a time or call back . If you mark more than one massage at a time, then you will not get the option to recall. Then you can send back the massage or delete it on the WhatsApp.

If you encounter any problem in this way, you can comment and ask. So friends hope that this information will be helpful for you. If you like this post “Recall Whatsapp Message After Delivered Secret Tricks 2019”, then share it with your friends to.


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