What We Should Continue To Remove The Diaper Of Children At Night

remove the diaper
remove the diaper at night

Usually, children remove the diaper first during the day and then during the night. That’s because, at the beginning, they control the sphincters better during the day, when they are awake, than during the night when they are asleep. When the child already has control over their urine during the day, it will be time to start helping them control it during the night. Many times the need to remove the diaper arises in the child himself.

How to remove the diaper from the night?

The urologist Dr. Juan Carlos Ruiz de la Raja, gives us advice on how to remove the diaper from the night. According to him, the child must feel confident. If the child is not ready, the diaper will not be removed. Parents should listen and perceive the child’s signals that it is time to leave the diaper also to sleep.

1 How should we remove the diaper at night? What steps should we follow?

The diaper at night should be removed first when we see that the morning dawns dry. If the diaper usually appears wet many times, it should not be removed because the problem is that the child will wet the sheets, it will cool down and it will be worse. If after five years we have not managed to remove the diaper, we have to make a medical consultation and see why that child continues to urinate.

2 Why are there children who are so resistant to diaper withdrawal at night? Why this resistance?

The fact that there are children who resist the removal the diaper at night is simply because they wake up wet and, evidently, if we a child who still wets the diaper we take it off, ends up in bedding the sheets and in the end, from the point of sight of the dream, it is much worse, because the child gets up wet and with a tremendous discomfort. Therefore, if the child is still urinating within the five year range, maintaining the diaper is an appropriate thing.

3 When is the Diaper removal better? In summer, as they usually say, or in winter?

Diaper withdrawal is always better in the summer and has a logical explanation. By making it much hotter, the child can go much quieter without wearing the diaper, especially at night. In the event that the child wet the bed it is always preferable that it is in summer, that there is no cold environment, since this climate may favor the child to take any constipation or catarrh, simply by the own humidity, for that reason it is convenient that be in summer.

4. Regarding the time for the control of the sphincters, how much time do children usually take since they start to leave the diaper for the day until they start to leave the night?

Usually children usually leave the diaper for the day between two and three years. Always what is most expensive is to get the night control of urine, and that usually happens after three years in a very high percentage.

But still one in four children with four years old is still urinating at night and about one in six. Which means that in these children you have to keep the diaper up to five. If, after five, the child continues to urinate, it is then that a specialist should be consulted.

5 What should parents do when the child begins to learn to remove the diaper at night?

It is very important for the child that his parents recognize their conquests. Every day that the child gets up with a dry diaper, the parents should celebrate it, mark it on a calendar and after a few days tell him that he can already try to sleep without a diaper.

At the beginning, to protect the mattress it would be convenient to put a mattress protector or a towel under the sheets in case of doubt, because it will surely escape several times. It’s normal and we have to let our son know that nothing happens because of that.


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