Making Money with Articles: The Right Keyword Density

Right Keyword Density
Right Keyword Density

Keywords and search engine rankings are the two most important aspects parts regarding to optimizing your articles for search engines (SEO). Search engines check your articles starting with checking your keywords first so you have to place them to the right position where they will be easily detected and recognized as a keyword, therefore the search engines will list your page when others search for that particular keyword.

Why are keywords so important?

A keyword, such as garden preparation, is a term or word that you must place in your particular article more than a couple times, not only once in order to get it recognized being a keyword. When a search engine finds that you have a a word appearing multiple times in your article, it will make a decision that your page might be useful to users who are searching for that particular keyword.

Over using keywords

You have to know that there is a risk of over optimizing your pages for some keywords, this is called “keyword stuffing”. This means if you stuff keywords in an article body randomly a search engine is going to detect that you try to trick them in order to get them place your page a high position in the search engines for that particular search term, and will instead of bringing up your content it will penalize your content giving you as low ranking as possible.

Remember:, this can have an adverse effect on your other web sites too, not to mention that you can get your site easily banned from a particular search engine if you are caught on you do this too often. (Sometimes even a few times is enough).

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density in content shows how many times you used the keyword in your page. . Take a 500 words article as an example: to achieve to a a keyword density of 5%, then you you have to place the keyword in your content 25 times.

You can find many products, e-books and articles making recommendations with regards to one keyword density over another but bear in mind you want to avoid keyword stuffing.

Some article sites (I mean the big ones) usually limit this at 5% and will not let you submit an article with a higher keyword density. A good example is: Ezinearticles, which has the most powerful tool that detects everything you might use as a trick, from duplicate content to high keyword density. In the end of the day you will have to determine which density is more suitable for your niche keywords and target audience.

Every article marketer has their own proven density that works for them and is proven to bring in profit. You have to find the balance between over optimizing the article and still ranking high in search engines at the same time. You are trying to achieve profit here, and profitability and whether or not you will profit of your content does depend on your ranking.

What is the ideal keyword density?

Whichever density you will decide to use, it is a good pattern to follow to place your keywords the way that there are more at the beginning of the article or in the intro text and also the end which will show a hour glass pattern.

Getting your keyword density right is the key to start making money from your content, so it is imperative that you will keep a close eye on it.

In the end of the day you are looking for profit from your pages, so the key to success is testing, testing, more testing and tweaking. One thing you must do is to keep an eye on your search engine rankings regularly and tracking the click thrus is what you have to do daily.



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