SHAREit No Ads MOD Apk Download and 6 Amazing Features

SHAREit No Ads MOD Apk Download
SHAREit No Ads MOD Apk Download

We all know the conventional methods to transfer our files, folders, images, audio, videos and many more from one device to another.  You can transfer these files using USB cable, Pen drives, Cloud computing or Bluetooth.

These methods become a little hectic when heavy files are being transferred or in general anyway. Then comes the life savior for your rescue. The SHAREit technologies developed a convenient way to transfer those files extremely easily.

SHAREit does not require any cables, no or anything clumsy. It just needs two devices, one sender and one receiver, with WIFI or data connection.

The amazing compatibility this app holds let you transfer data from any device to any other device, from PC to laptop, Tablet to Laptop, and more. You also get a store of music, images, online videos and gifs along with the other features.

The downside of any app is the annoying ads that it promotes which can only be removed if a certain amount is being paid. But why to throw a bill on something just on a mere app when you can get SHAREit no ads Mod apk without paying a single penny.

Yes! you heard it right. You can now share your data super easily from any device to your device without any ad hinderance for free.

If you transfer a lot of files among different devices, you might understand that SHAREit No ad Mod apk is of great use for you and you must download it right away. You obviously will not be getting the mod version on Google Play Store so we are helping you guys out by providing the download link as well as the download guide. So continue reading for same.

What are The Features of SHAREit no Ads Mod Apk?

Let us have a look at the all the features SHAREit no ad mod apk provides before jumping to the download guide of the same in order for you to have a better look of what you are about to download.

  1. Compatibility

The issues a normal smartphone user faces is with the errors that occur while transferring data from an ios device to an android device or vice versa. This sometimes makes it impossible to transfer data quickly and without it being cumbersome.

SHAREit no ads Mod apk allows you to transfer data from any device to your device. It is compatible while transferring data from laptop to PC, PC to a laptop, Mac to windows, windows to mac and all possible connections you can think of.

  1. Simple Interface

Sharing methods might ask you to connect devices which are not really easy, sometimes devices just refuse in discovering other devices But SHAREit no ads Mod apk uses a very simple and easy to use interface. You just need to connect both the devices with SHAREit app and a network connection and your files are good to go.

  1. Zero Ads

The Mod version is mainly for removing the ads that appear on the original version so you can have more simpler data transfer. All the ads are removed without charging you anything.

  1. Multiple language support

The best feature of SHAREit no ads Mod apk is that it supports a total of 39 languages. So, people from different parts of the world can share data without any problems.

  1. Smooth and fast sharing

By the conventional methods, the sharing might take a long time to transfer and in some cases, the transfer gets canceled due to some error at the end. SHAREit no ads Mod apk has the fastest and smooth sharing without any errors and only takes a few seconds to transfer data.

  1. Other features

Besides the above-mentioned features, it also has multiple other features that include unlimited size transfer, no data degradation, and more.


You might think that downloading any app besides Google play store is illegal or unsafe for your device, but we assure you that our site is 100% trustable and the links we are providing are totally safe.

You may get a warning during the Download process but you need not be bothered by the same. Follow the steps given below in order to download and install the app.

  1. You will not be able to download the SHAREit any ads Mod apk unless you have enabled the ‘download from unknown sources’ option which is disabled as default. To do that, follow the steps below.
  • Go to your device settings.
  • Look for lock and security.
  • Search for ‘download from unknown sources’ and enable it by just tapping on it.
  1. The next step includes downloading the apk from the link that we have provided below.

Download ShareIt Apk

  1. Click on OK and the download process must begin.
  2. Once the download is finished, open the SHAREit no ads Mod apk file from your downloads. You will be directed to the installation page.
  3. Click on install and the installation may start which would only take a few seconds to complete.

There you go, you now have the SHAREit apk and can start sharing your data right away in a matter of seconds. To remove ads, you can use Lucky Patcher.


SHAREit No Ads MOD Apk Download
SHAREit No Ads MOD Apk Download


Trust us when we say, that if you are that friend of your group who like to click pictures and then have to share pictures to different devices, or your work includes frequent and heavy file transfers, SHAREit no ads Mod apk is perfect for you as it lowers down your burden to a great extent.

The sharing becomes easy and takes a lot less time as compared to other conventional methods like USB drive, cloud computing, cables and many more. SHAREit no ads Mod apk is way too less hectic and saves you from unnecessary troubles.

The interface it uses makes it extremely easy and simple to understand that sharing becomes a quick task. You no longer need to wait for your cables or USB’s or poor Bluetooth connection to share your pictures or music.

The best part is it also lets you share apps as a whole which is not possible in many other ways. So download SHAREit no ads Mod apk and see your stress level going down.


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