Survival Knife -How to Evaluate a Survival Knife

How to Evaluate a Survival Knife -Hunting is a big endeavor, a massive undertaking. It takes layers of fortitude, both in physical endurance, as well as mental capacity (patience), and the intellect required to strategically track and outsmart an animal in it’s own habitat.

Hunting is a skill that necessitates a lot out of a person on multiple fronts, that tests a man or woman on nearly every level. So it is best to be well prepared before journeying out into any hunting venture, no matter how brief the excursion may be, because you’ll never know when that weekend long vacation becomes a 3 month test for survival!

I’m a big advocate for having a great secondary weapon, to supplement the primary weapon. (Be it a rifle or a bow.) The best secondary weapon one could ever carry with them, in my opinion, would have to be a survival knife. (Unless in a tropical / jungle setting in which case a machete would probably be my primary weapon choice.) When choosing a survival knife, one must be careful in choosing the best possible blade they can secure.

Multiple tasks Knife

A survival knife should be sturdy and capable of multiple tasks. Survival is more than slashing a throat in self-defense when faced with dire circumstances in a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic scenario. The chances of anyone reading this article having to live through such gruesome times is highly unlikely.

We’re not 2 Minutes to Midnight anymore, folks. Though the current state of society and the world at large is arguably rather tumultuous and unnervingly fragile at this particular point in time, I still wager a post-apocalyptic, kill or be killed scenario is decades away from occurring, and entirely preventable. So bear in mind, the main use of a survival knife won’t be self-defense.

It’ll be used for cutting rope, it’ll be used for skinning a deer you’ve taken down with your bow. It’ll be used for housing useful tools in the blade. There is so much more to survival than attack and defense.

Knife Construction

The handle should be strong and durable – you need to make a make-shift shelter and have no hammer? Maybe use the handle of your switch blade to hit the stakes into the ground of your makeshift tarp campsite. Then open the handles secret compartment to retrieve the rope to tie it all together, as well as the matches to start up a campfire.

Then as you wait for one of your snares to capture your dinner. You can use the best survival knife sharpener remember well all the knife sharpening tips and tricks you learned off the internet. Then the snare captures an animal, you retrieve it and skin it with ease, your blade freshly sharpened. Then all you do is sit and await the delicious feast that awaits you.

As the fat and skin of your prey sizzles above the campfire and coyotes howl in the distance. Hopefully you won’t have to use your box or survival knife on the likes of them, as you rather like the sad song that plays as they howl.


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