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What is ‘Tik-Tok’?

What is Tik-Tok App? Amazing Facts of Tik-Tok and Top Interesting facts of tik tok –  Every person using the internet has two to four small videos. Most of these videos are part of the Chinese app ‘Tik-tok’. Tik Tok Interesting Facts ? Amazing Facts of Tik-Tok.
Tik-Tok is a social media app. With the help of this smartphone users can create and share small videos (up to 15 seconds).

‘Bite Dance’ is its owned company which launched ‘Tik-Tok’ in China in September, 2016. The popularity of ‘Tik-Tok’ grew rapidly in 2018 and in October 2018, it became the most downloaded app in the US.

Tik-Tok on Google Play has been introduced by saying “Short videos for you” (small video for you).

What is Tik-Tok ? Some Amazing Facts of Tik-Tok

There is no Other way to make small videos from Tik-Tok Mobile. There is no artificiality in it, it is real and it has no limitations. Whether you are brushing or making breakfast at 7:45 in the morning-wherever you are, wherever you are, come to the Tik-Tok and tell your story to the world in 15 seconds.

Your life gets more fun with Tik-Tok. You live your every moment of life and look for something new every now and then. You can give your video a new color with special effect filters, beauty effects, funny emojis Tikers and music.

‘Tik-Tok’ in India

Tik-Tok downloads in India have more than 100 million downloads. According to a report, it uses around 20 million Indians every month.

The popularity of Tik-Tok in Indians can be estimated from the fact that eight million people have reviewed it on the Google Play storage.

The interesting thing is that there are a large number of people who use ‘Tik-Tok’ in villages and small towns. What is even more shocking is that the Tik-Tok madness is speaking up to the small children of ages seven to eight years old.
Not only this, now it has been liked that Bollywood stars such as Tiger Shrof, Shradha Kapoor and Neha Kakar have also come on Tik-Tok.

Some Amazing Facts of Tik-Tok

You can not use your voice while making a video with a Tik-Tok. You have to ‘lip-sync’.

While receiving ‘Blue Tik‘ on Facebook and Twitter, it is important for ordinary people to get their name verified, but the number of users with a fixed account on Tik-Tok is very large. And yes, it gets ‘Orange Tik’ but not ‘Blue Tik’.Tik Tok Interesting Facts ? Amazing Facts of Tik-Tok

People who get ‘Orange Tik’ are seen in their account as ‘Popular Creator’. account shows how many ‘Hearts’ the user has received, i.e. how many person’s have liked his videos so far.

Source of Fame and Revenue

Tik-Tok also has some advantages. Village and small cities it has emerged as a good platform.

Many people are fulfilling their hobbies through it. For example, if someone does a good comedy or does a good dance, then Tik-Tok is a good platform to showcase their talent.

A person of Bihar has posted videos of his comedy on Vigo app till now. They earn about Rs 5-10,000 every month through this.

10,000 Rupees are very important for the poor people like me, now I am also thinking of trying the Tik-Tok.

How is Earning?

Generally people are hired who are good at watching, who come to perform comedy, where there are songs like singing or dance skills. They have to put some videos daily and they get some money.

Apart from this, they also include film artists and stars who are staggering or at the beginning of the career. In this way they get money and also a platform. On the other hand, there is also the promotion of the company.

Apart from this, there is a different way of earnings for the company and the users. For example, if someone shows a bottle of Coca-Cola in their video or shows a bottle of shampoo, then both of them can also be used by brand promotion.
In Today most of the social media apps are paying more attention to ‘Engagement’ and ‘Conversation’ than Views. That is, the more people will react to your video and the more people comment, the more likely your earnings will be.

Not only Benefits, there are Dangers Too

It’s not that Tik-Tok is good at all. There is also a second aspect:

– On the Google Play Store it has been said that people over 13 years of age can use it only. Although it does not seem to be followed. The videos, which are made through Tik-Tok in all the world’s countries including India, have a large number of people under 13 years of age.

– Tik-Tok is not free from threats in terms of privacy. Because only two privacy settings can be made – ‘Public’ and ‘Only’. This means that you can not put any filters in the video viewer Either you will be able to watch your video or everyone else who has internet.

– If a user wants to delete his / her Tik-record account then he can not do it himself. For this, it has to be requested with a Tik-Tok.

– Since it is completely public, so anyone can follow, message anyone. In such a case, people of a criminal or anti-social trend can easily mislead young people or teenagers.

– Many Tik-Tok accounts are filled with adult content and since there is no filter in it, every Tik-Tok user can see them, even children.

The biggest problem with Chinese apps such as Tik-Tok is that there is no alternative to a content ‘report’ or ‘flag’ in it. It can be dangerous for security and privacy.

They believe that in such a way, companies should do so, to prevent people under the age of 16 from using it.

The second major problem here is ‘ Cyber Bullying ‘. Cyber Bullying is to make fun of people on the internet, humiliate them, say bad things, and troll.

You take the example of a woman who was making a video of ‘Hello Friends, Drink Tea.’ You might say that she wanted to be famous or viral. Everyone wants to be famous and viral but no one Troll does not want to be trolling and making fun of others on apps like Tik-Tok is very easy.

From the profession, A therapist and counselor says that social media such as Tik-Tok is unmasking our prejudices and mentality.

He said, “I have seen that in such videos, sometimes villagers and small towns are being mocked, people are also mocked, who do not appear on social media in a particular way. The digital divide ‘appears clearly.’

Apps like Tik-Tok have a little bit of right but need to be kept under control.

In July 2018, Indonesia had banned Tik-Tok because a large number of adults and young boys used it to upload and share pornographic content. Later it was brought back after some changes and conditions.

Tik Tok Banned in India

Tik Tok Banned In India

Friends, all of you people will know that Tik Tok is very popular and it is very popular in the social media Tik Tok was moving very fast in India. Tik Tok was uploading millions of videos daily, friends let us tell you on Tik Tok Thousands of videos are uploaded every second, but friends are encouraged to say that since India has been liberated, then everyone has become independant. All people will be able to reduce every single thing or every one of their hearts. The Numti.

Friends, here you will know that Tik keeps uploading videos from Tik Tok to Tik Tok on a daily basis, but 10% of the 100% people are like those whose thinking is very dirty and they are all the time Some used to do something wrong, and these people used to upload dirty videos on Tik Tok and friends Tik Tok makes the same mistake here that he promotes the wrong video and makes viral.

This could also be a reason for the 18 year old young child having a very bad effect on the working age and could also be a reason for Tik Tok Banned in India, but friends, we will give you one And you want to tell the reason all the people will know Tik Tok’s Tik Tok of India, all the people of Tik Tok had gone to NASA, 18 years of working children were unable to read. This is also a reason Tik Being Tok Banned In India This is the only two reasons why Tik Tok is close in India.

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