Top 10 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Android

Facts About Android
Facts About Android

As we all know that Android has become the world’s largest smartphone platform in today’s time, but some of the Top 10 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Android we do not know, in today’s post we are going to talk about this First, know about the history of a little bit Android, Friends Android was launched by Andy Rubin, Nick Sears and Chris White in California in 2003 and was done by Google Android 2004 by Android OS and Google in 2005 Sector Android was purchased for $ 50 million.

Top 10 Amazing And Facts About Android

If you talk about the facts of Android, there are so many facts but in today’s post we will talk about Top 10 Facts Of Android.

1. Sweats Name

Friends All versions of Android are named after sweets such as jelly bean, ice cream, sandwich, kitakat etc. All names are sweet, so do not have fun facts.

2. Designed for

So friends, I want to tell you that the android OS was created for the first camera but after the popularity of the logo was made for the smartphone.

3. When launched on Android phone

Android Operating System was made in 2003 but mobile was launched in 2008 with a phone from HTC, which was a keypad phone.

4. How many apps are there for Android

If only talk about google play store, about 52 billion aaps is available which you can install and use in your phone, why Android is also an open source platform and can make it what they want.

5. Extensions of Android

Friends was part of 81.61% of all android phones sold in 2015, and since then android has grown to the whole world.

6. Android 1.0 and android 1.1 was not on the name of Sweat

friends android 1.0 and 1.1 did not name any sweet and android 1.1 was called Alfa and Astro Boy and Android 1.1 was internally named Petit Four. The Android 1.5 Cupcake was the first official version to be named on sweets.

7. Sony Ericsson Android Smart Watch

Sony Ericsson launched the first Android smartwatch market in 2010 and since then other companies started launching their smartwatch android.

8. Android gives google absolutely free

Yes, friends, you have heard absolutely since Google has bought android from Google, and since then all the smartphone makers make android available in google free and do not take any price from those companies.

9. First Android phone Headphone Jack

The first headphone in android phones was launched with Jack in 2008 and since then all phones have a headphone jack.

10. Popularity Of Android

Friends, you will be surprised to know that in today’s time, 85% people use android, because the apple iphone can not be used on all Android devices.

These are all top 10 facts of Android.

So friends, we hope you have got to learn something from this post. If you have any questions then comment and share this post with your friends.


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