Different Types of Balls Used in Sports – An Educative Guide

What is the ball?

A ball is an object which is round or spherical. Balls are used in various games, whether indoor and outdoor. In these games, a ball can be kicked, thrown or hit by the players.

Different types of balls:

Sports balls are classified into different types and these are used according to a game. Here are some of the types of balls used in different sports:

types of balls
types of balls

1)  General Ball:

These are known as the safest and first toy for infants to play with. These balls are considered safe due to their shape as there are no edges or corners that can harm the infant’s soft skin.

2)     ping pong ball:

Ping pong balls are also known as Table tennis balls. These balls are said to be the lightest ones used in multiple player games. A ping pong ball is usually small-sized, light weight and celluloid in shape. James Gibb invented ping pong ball in 1880.

As per the international rules, this ball should weigh around 2.7 grams and its diameter should be 40 millimetres. Ping pong balls are filled with gas for an efficient bounce. Their shape is almost similar to turtle eggs. The circumference of these ball lies between 7 to 8 inches.

3)     football:

Football is also known as a soccer ball. These balls are made from cowhide or vulcanized rubber. These balls are known for better bouncing and kicking.

Butyl latex is used to produce the inner part of these balls and then the above section is covered with a layer of cotton or polyester. The final part of a soccer ball is made up of synthetic leather patches which are made up of polyurethane.

The size of this ball ranges about 68 cm to 80 cm, and the weight must be around 400 to 460 grams.

4)     basketball:

Generally, basketballs are orange in colour. These balls also contain black ribs. The inner part of this ball is made up of air-inflated rubber substance. The middlemost part is covered with various layers made of either polyester or nylon. The outermost layer is wrapped with a good quality of leather or rubber.

According to the rules, these balls range from 75 to 79 centimetres in size. These balls have to pass the desired volume, temperature, bounce, friction and other characteristics before they can be used for a match.

5)     volleyball:

The manufacturing of volleyballs is almost similar to basketballs except for one difference. The outer part of volleyball has broad stripes and different colours, unlike basketball. The pressure, along with the weight of this ball, is less than a basketball. The circumference of this ball is about 25 inches and the pressure is about 260 grams. This ball has a soft and smooth texture.

6)     rugby ball:

A rugby ball is not spherical like other balls. It is spheroid or oval in shape. This ball consists of four panels which are made from leather or other synthetic substances. The rugby ball is usually decorated with a variety of colours and plenty of designs along with logos.

The size of this ball ranges around 27 cm and its circumference is about 60 cm in the middle. The weight of this ball varies between 410 grams to 460 grams.

7)     american football:

An American football is almost similar to a rugby ball in its size and shape. But in contrast, the two ends of a rugby ball are smooth, while the American football has pointed ends. The partitions in the leather strips of the ball have lacing and it is made to enable a good grip.

8)     cricket ball:

Cricket is one of the most famous outdoor games in the world.  Thick cork is the core material in the production of a cricket ball. This ball’s outer surface is covered with smooth and soft leather material. The leather is wrapped by a seaming line, which is used for an excellent grip and spin for the bowlers. These balls are generally red in colour. But in the presence of floodlight, this ball may appear brown to the batsman. Hence, white balls are used instead of red ones in the presence of floodlight to avoid any confusion.

The weight of the cricket ball should be around 163 grams, and its circumference must be about 9 inches.

9)     hockey ball:

A hockey ball is made up of hard plastic substance. The core or interior part of this ball is filled with cork and the outermost layer is wrapped with plastic material. The surface of this ball has two kinds of texture — one of them (which is smooth) can be used in the dry surface, while the other (the dented one) can be used on a wet cover. The weight of this ball should be range from 150 to 160 pounds. The size of this ball is between 8.8 inches to 9.2 inches.

10)golf ball:

This ball is specifically designed to improve flying distance in the air. The surface of a golf ball consists of many dimples. About 250 to 480 dimples are found in a shot. This ball weighs about 45 grams.

Initially, these balls were made from wood. But in recent years, these balls are made from feathers of chicken or goose and stuffed in the leather pouch. These balls are known as feathery balls. The outer surface is covered by a resin called Surlyn, which is sturdy and durable.


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