How To Use All Functions Keys From F1 To F12 On The Keyboard

Functions Of F1 to F12
Functions Of F1 to F12

We all use computers in today’s time and always learn something new in it But one thing we always forget is that computer information must be from basic to becoming a computer expert. Otherwise you will not be able to tell the basic computer only when asked.

no one will tell you a computer expert, and then you will not even enjoy the fun that you want to come, so get the information about everything from basic to computer and always if If anything is to be learned in this new learning.

then try to learn it and if possible, then teach it as it is never worthless is | If you have a good knowledge about anything, you will surely find a time to show it So let us in today give you some such knowledge in this post that you can always learn and many computer users know about it.

Often you have heard about the functions keys in your keyboard and will have to be read But why should I tell you that if you tell me all the functions keys from F1 to F12 one line in the top line of the keyboard, then you can tell the use of some of them. So let us learn how to use all the functions keys one by one in F1 to F12 line in the top line of the keyboard in today’s post.

Functions Of F1 to F12

F1- Whenever you are using any software, then pressing F1 key opens its help and support center.

F2 – With this you can rename any file, folder, photo etc. For this, first click the mouse on it and press F2 and type any name.

F3 – Running Internet or working in a file, Pressing F3 opens its search bar in which you can search.

F4 – You can shutdown the system by pressing Alt + F4 on the desktop But if you are working in any software and you do Alt + F4, then that software will be shut down.

F5 – It works for refresh, pressing it on the desktop will refresh the window and pressing it while using the software will refresh the software.

F6 – Pressing this key in the browser, the cursor goes straight to the browser’s search bar.

F7 – When using Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can check and correct the Grammer Mistake by pressing it.

F8 – You can boot the computer with this key in the computer For example: people use it for windows or boot settings

F9 – By using this you can use it for mail

F10 – By this, you can open any software menu, pressing it will select the menu of the software and then you can open it by clicking the mouse.

F11 – By this, you can do any software window or browser on the full screen and then pressing it can also bring it into normal mode.

By pressing F12, you can save the file by saving it as a Save, and by pressing Ctrl + F12 simultaneously, you can open the save file in advance.


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