Walmart Vs Amazon: Who is going to win the retail war

Walmart and Amazon are e-commerce giants which dominate the place in the United States. These two companies are going to rule e-commerce space in several other countries too. The fight is already started several years ago. However, this fight among the giants are eating up small retail players in e-commerce sector around the world.

Walmart was started in 1962 to capture the retail market share in the US. Eventually, the company became one of the largest corporations in the world. It is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. On the other side, Amazon was started in 1994 as an e-commerce website to sell books. It is headquartered in Seattle, United States. Eventually, they became full-fledged e-commerce company and expanded to several countries around the world.

Amazon Headquarters
Amazon Headquarters

Amazon is Aggressive in Expanding Market Compared to Walmart

Compared to Walmart, Amazon is very aggressive in expanding business in other countries. For example, before few years ago, Amazon was new to India but in less than one decade, they had captured good market share in e-commerce segment. This is due to their customer centric policy. However, Wal-Mart is also grew at good rate but not good as Amazon Inc.

Market Cap: Amazon Inc. is running quickly

The market cap of Amazon Inc. is US$906.37B as of today. On the other hand, the market cap of Wal-Mart is just US$338.39B. We can clearly see that, Amazon Inc. is way ahead in market cap. However, in terms of earnings, Wal-Mart is way ahead compared to Amazon Inc.

Revenue Compared

The revenue of Walmart is US$514.405 billion (2019) and Amazon Inc. has US$232.887 billion (2018). We can clearly see that, in comparison of revenue, Walmart is way ahead in this factor. However, we can also see Amazon Inc. is running quickly in generating more revenue.

In couple of years or about half decade, Amazon Inc. may surpass Walmart in generating revenue, thanks to their expansion around the world.

Annual Net Income: Who Makes More in Net Income?

Amazon Inc. is making tones of money but very less in net income. In 2018, the annual net income was 10.073B. On the other hand, Walmart made US$9.86B in 2018 which is very close to its competitor Amazon Inc.

According to our analysis and opinion, in couple years, Amazon Inc. may surpass Walmart in all numbers and figures.

Let’s see who is going to win this race!


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