What is Domain ? Types Of Domain And How it Works in Detail

Friends Do you want to know about the Domain name and how it is sorted and how it works. if you have all these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place. here You can find the answers to all your questions, because in this post we have shared all the information about the domain in this post, so that you will know everything about the domain.

What is Domain Name?

Friends Every time you open a website, you must have seen the domain. The name of the domain name is the name of the website itself. Just like if you have opened the website, you can see it in the address bar of your internet browser. infoneter.com So this is a domain name that shows the name of a website.

We use the name of the domain name. You can tell us only through the help of domain that we search any website in the internet. In a way, we can say that any website is identified with its domain name We can see in the address bar of your browser, which we call the URL (URL – Uniform Resource Locator).

This is a DNS (domain naming system) through which we can identify a website in the internet if we talk about any website, they are connected to some other IP address (internet protocol) It is auspicious to remember that the DNS name of the DNS was brought to the domain name, which is call a domain name.

How Domain Name work?

Friends, as we know, our website is associated with an IP address from internet, which is difficult to remember and our website is hosted in a server that is stored in an online memory, this server is the domain name of IP By which point when we enter that domain in the address bar of our Internet browser and search for it, then the domain’s IP is up to our server and browse our store data in our server and show us in our browser.

Types of Domains

Friends In today’s competition there is a lot of domain, but I am going to tell you about some major domains which can be of help to you.

TLD – Top Level Domain Name

Top Level Domains was started in the beginning of the internet and you take Top Level Domains name, then you can easily rank the website in Google or any search engine, because people trust these domains and most people visiting the website of the same domain.


.com (commercial)

.net   (Network)

.org (organization)

.gov (government)

.edu (educational) etc. These are all Top Level Domains


CCTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

Friends These domains If you want to focus on a particular country, types of domains can target your website to a particular country, for that country, the domain should be taken according to that country.


.in (India)

.gb (great britain)

.ca (canada)

.uk (united kingdom)

.us (united state)

.au (Australia)

.us (United state) etc.

Sub domain

This would also be a type of domain, this domain would be like “Top Level Domain Name” and Country Code Top Level Domains Name or any other type of domain name but this is its subdomain like if my website’s domain name infoneter.com and if I want to take a sub domain, I can get it completely free. This domain name will be something like us.infoneter.com then it will be my subdomain name.

friends If you have to take a domain for your website or blog then there are plenty of domain name providers. You can register your domains with some top domains providers name.







Friends, we hope you have got the information about what is the Domain Name? If you have any questions or suggestions about how and how works, you can comment.

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