What is SEO And Why it is Important For Blogs or Websites

What is SEO and how to do This? This is a question every blogger wants its answers . If you are a beginner in the field of blogging, then you understand that blogging can not be successful without SEO. When you start blogging, will you have to hear these questions again and again?

What is search engine optimization and why is it necessary? You are reading this post because it has reached you only because of SEO. So now be sure that you are in the right place. I will give you all the information about search engine optimization. You will get all the information that will answer every question related to SEO which you are looking for.

A new blogger does not have any idea about this. But gradually new bloggers know the importance of this word and it is also understandable that blogging without SEO has no advantage. If a blogger does not know about SEO, then that blogger’s blog or website will be lost in the search engine and people not reaching you blog . For example, imagine that there are many stars in the sky but we recognize those who give more light or are close to us. You understand that the way the sky is unlimited stars, there are millions of websites in the internet and people know the same website as SEO is strong and peopeople are easily accessible and reach your blog/website.

What is SEO?

Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. We all know about that Google is the most used search engine in the world. In addition to Google, Bing and Yahoo are also other search engines used. After doing Search Engine Optimization, we rank our website in search engines.

If we know SEO very well, then we can post your blog or website. You can rank on If we do not have search engine optimization, our website or blog will not be seen anywhere in the search engine’s search page.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose I have to get information about car from Google, then I will search “what is car” and now Google will show all the blog related to the word in the search result. In it we will see a lot of different websites that have written a post about cars. If we are Human nature we will open that website or blog which will be on 1st number. And if we do not get the satisfaction with the information, then open the blog of 2nd and 3rd numbers and remove the information about cars.

The SEO which is the blog on the 1st number in this search result is very strong, only when it is doing No.1 on rank. There are chances of getting more traffic than staying in 1st rank. And the revenue is also increased.

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Why SEO is required for a website or blog?

The purpose of creating any blog or website is to bring it to the people. Creating a blog or website is a different matter and it is quite different to reach people. Suppose we worked hard to create a website or blog. In it we wrote a lot of posts too. And we did not do anything for SEO. Then our search engine will never show up in our results anytime.

Now you must have understood so much that if you have to show your blog or website to the viewers then it will have to show in the search engine results and search engine optimization will be required to show in the search engine. If we know about SEO, we can reach our website or blog to as many people as possible. The more people will see our blog or website, the more our revenue will be.

Search engine optimization is a very easy technique if we understand it well. Then we just have to work on the blog systematically following the SEO. This allows us to rank our article or post in search engine results within a very short time. Every blogger wants to rank his post or article on the first page. Because you must have noticed that when someone searches on Google, it takes information from 1st page. It does not need to go to 2nd page. You tell me how often do you go to Google’s second page?

To understand better SEO, we explain blow step by step methods, which will further strengthen our Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

What are Search Engines? How it Works?

In the name of SEO, i.e. the term “search engine optimization” comes from the word search engine. So first of all we will not have to know what is the search engine. To remove any information online, we need a medium. By the way, everything is available on the internet. So the search engine is the medium between us and those countless websites that show any information in front of us.

Algorithm is set in the search engine. Which also takes away the information of different websites from among different information. So, the website that shows the same as search engine optimization, they show it in the rankings. Google is the most popular search engine. Apart from this, there are more search engines like Bing, yahoo and etc.

What is SERP?

SERP i.e. Search Engine result Page. When we search any keyword in Google or any other search engine, then it shows all the results in page. Whenever you search, the page which opens up is called Search Engine result Page. On the search engine result page, the results come in the list, there are 2 types of listings in it.

Organic listing

Inorganic Listing


1 – What is Organic Listing?

Organic listings are listings in which we come to the search engine’s search results without spending money. But for that we have to do SEO (search engine optimization). Organic listings are the best, because this keeps us getting regular traffic.

2 – What is Inorganic Listing?

When we spend money for promoting blog on Google’s results page, we call it Inorganic Listing. This listing is not stable, that means we can come to the results page, as long as we keep giving money to Google.

What are the types of SEO? How do SEO?

So far we have known what is SEO and why it is necessary. After this we talk about how it is done in such a way. When the website blog is created, its SEO begins. That is, before publishing the post, SEO begins. Blogging is most often done in WordPress today. If you know well about what WordPress is, then you will know that there are many plugins available in free of charge, many of which also use SEO. So let’s know about the type of SEO These are mainly of 2 types On-Page SEO and Off -Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

Everything that we do for SEO inside our blog is called “on-Page SEO”. This means that we use all the work from our blog’s design and speed optimization to publishing the post such as responsive theme which is mobile friendly. Write good content that people like to read, which contains all the necessary information. Page should be good, the page should open in less time. Write a meta description for your blog. Research the keyword before writing a post so that it has the rank of post in the search engine. Place the placement of keywords in the title such as Title, Permalink and Meta description. Keep the keyword properly in the Density content. Internal and External linking all these come in on-Page SEO. From this, Google easily ranks our blog in search results and we get great organic traffic.

Off-Page SEO

After publishing the post, we use the SEO techniques we use to rank it as OFF-Page SEO. In OFF-Page SEO, we post search engine submission, Web Directory Submission, Social media sites, Discussion forums, Blog commenting, Backlinks creation and Guest Posting. Now that you have learned about Search Engine Optimization, you have also understood the importance of why it is necessary.


If you have read this post then you may have understood what is. What is search engine optimization and how important it is for every blog or website? Without SEO, there is no existence of blogs. So if you understand the meaning of search engine optimization, then start working on SEO in your blog. Then you will soon see that traffic to your blog will increase. And organic blogging will start on your blog.

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