What is Web Hosting, its Types, Pros & Cons in Detail

Web Hosting Hindi/udru,service meaning company free wordpress blogger google godaddy charges sites fast affiliate program and domain best buy
Web Hosting Hindi/udru,service meaning company free wordpress blogger google godaddy charges sites fast affiliate program and domain best buy

What is Web Hosting ?

If you want to do Blogging So you should know well about all these services, Domain Name, Website Hosting. Even when I was creating a new blog, I did not know about Web Hosting, so I learned about it from many Pro Blogger and YouTube Videos, and read many Web Hosting Reviews and got information about myself.

Web Hosting is a service that Store & Manage all data online. Wherever data is stored by it, it is called Web Data. Servers are nothing more than just a Computer (High Configuration Computer) Which is 24*7 is always ON.

Every time a visitor searches on the Internet, the Result is displayed on the Internet by the Search Engine. All of them are connected to any other server.

For Example: If you have searched “Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress” on your Internet, any Result you will be connected to any server and Google will see the result of Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress from millions of such servers.

Large organizations have their own Web server, where they host their website. But what is Blogger or Small Organizations. He can not create his own web server. Because Web Server Setup & Maintenance costs is very Higher.

So there are some hosting providers, which provide payment by hosting payment service for bloggers. for example.






How is Web Hosting Works?

Through this you can create Web Storage for your Blog / Website on the Internet. Where all your website / blog will be saved and whenever someone goes to your blog / website. So the hosting server will show the data or post of your blog / website to that visitor.

Web Hosting can be used in 2 ways and its services can be used properly.

Create your own Web Hosting Server and host your website / blog – It costs a lot to create your own Web Hosting Server. For this reason, this type of service is used only by large organizations such as Google, Facebook, Flipkart and Twitter. Very few such small organizations can do it with their own Web Hosting Server.

Host your Website / Blog in another Web Hosting Server – As I told earlier Online There are many service providers who offer Hosting Service Providers. All Blogger and Small Organizations use all these services.

Web Hosting Types

There are many types of Hosting Which is as follows.

Cloud Based Web Hosting
Colocation Web Hosting
Dedicated Web Server
Managed WordPress Hosting
Reseller Web Hosting
Virtual Private Server(VPS)
Shared Web Hosting

The best is Blogger.com for free, because there is Fee Unlimited Storage & Domain Hosting for both Subdomain & Custom Domain. If you use Blogger.





All Above is all Paid Hosting Services, if you use any of these hosting services. So you will have to pay for it. If you have created your blog / website on WordPress, then you may be using any of these types of hosting.

What are the Benefits of Web Hosting ?

If you use good hosting, you will get the Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Domains & Unlimited Domain

If you use good Web Hosting for your Blog / Website, then you get many such features. Who make you and your blog professional. (Professional Mail- [email protected]).

There are many security features available in the Web Hosting service, which keeps your Blog / Website Content, Admin Account Secure. Such as HTTPS & SSL Certificate This helps in improving Alexa Rank & Page Rank.

With a Fast hosting, you will get very good up speed. Which means your Blog / Website will be Fast Loading.

In this you can create online backup of all the data from your Blog / Website.

Note: All Above benefits in Paid Hosting only.

Web Hosting Advantage & Disadvantage

The biggest disadvantage to using Paid Web Hosting is that it is very costly. And they get the money according to the feature. (For example; if you use the Basic Plan of any hosting service, you will not get SSL Certificate security.

The Web Hosting Service comes with the Resource Limitation Problem, which lowers Your Website traffic. For example- I have seen this very often that when someone opens the blog / website. Then comes the “Error 404”. This problem comes from 2 reasons,

You have selected a plan that is not right for the traffic of your blog.

Sometimes it happens that the server gets down, due to which the problem comes.

At The End :

Friends, in this post we are discussed all points that are web hosting and domain. I want to tell all Beginner Blogger that you should use Free Blogging Tool first, that is Blogger.com.

After that, when you feel that you have become a Professional Blogger now. Then you can use a Web Hosting and migrate your blog to WordPress.

Hope you liked this post and you have come to understand that what is Web Hosting? If you have any suggestions or questions about this post. So you do not forget to comment on us.


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