Whatsapp Business App And its Features For Businessman

Friends, Whatsapp has recently launched a new application, Whatsapp Business, which is mainly designed for Businessman. This application will benefit both types of Businessman like small and big businesses.

Because will be able to connect or contact directly to its customers or clients through this business application. Which will create a smoother connection between them?

In this application, there is all the features of General WhatsApp, as well as for the business some extra features have also been added which will be very helpful for them.

If you are not a businessman then you can take advantage of these extra features by Using this application. So let us tell you that inside of it there is an extra feature from General WhatsApp

Well its look and all its features are similar to WhatsApp. In it we find an extra option business setting, in which many new features are loaded, is. So let us now talk about all the features of business settings.

Business Setting Features :-



Inside the profiles you can set up your business profile, in which you can set your business’s address business description, working time email id and your website.


You can see the full details of your messaging. Just like how many messages you have sent so far, how many people have read them or how many messages you have received receptions.

Away Massage

You can reply to your customers. You can also set time in it. For example, if you cannot Reply your customer between 11:00 PM to08:00 AM, then in such a situation, you can send an auto reply message to this time period with the help of this feature. .

Greeting messaging

is almost the same as the Away Massage. The only difference is that the message will be sent only when WhatsApp Business will send you a message for the first time or you will not have any activity in the last 14 days.

Quick Replies

If you have a businessman and you have to type same messages and then you have to send different contacts, then this feature will be very helpful for you.

In the Quick Replies you can type those messes one by typing them a shortcut Create and edit After that whenever you have to type the message, you will not need to type the full message. You just type in the message box.

After That all the quick replies you have made, all of them come in front of you, between them you choose any one reply.

Some important facts about Business Whatsapp

Once you set a business name in it, you can not rename it. So type your company name correctly.

You cannot do the same number in both General and Business WhatsApp .

  1. You can access business Whatsapp on the web too. So these were some of the features of Business WhatsApp that you read. In the last, I would like to tell you that if you have a businessman, then definitely use it once. Because these applications can be great helpful to you. Friends If you like this information, please share it with your friends.


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