Whatsapp Will Soon Add a New Fingerprint Authentication Feature in App for Extra Security

Upgrading whatsapp security

Whatsapp will bring new fingerprint authentication feature; will be beneficial for Android and iOS users

Whatsapp fingerprint authentication feature:- Whatsapp is going to give a new feature for its users. The special thing is that this feature will be for both Android and iOS users. Recently, the news came that WhatsApp could remove its dark mode feature.

Now the new news is that Whatsapp is coming with the fingerprint authentication option for Android users. This will give the user more security than ever before in using this messaging application.

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Why is this happening?

According to media reports, the process of integration has been continued on the Face ID and Touch ID of Whatsapp but they have not been available till date. Meanwhile, WhatsApp decided to use a new feature and chose the option of Whatsapp Fingerprint Authentication. It will be available for Android OS users According to the information, this messaging application is going to create a new section and fingerprint authentication feature will work through this section.


How will this new feature

According to media reports, this feature will work on Android OS as it works on iOS and which is present on Apple OS. This means that users will not have to do much to use this feature. Whenever you use this messaging application app, you can identify the user through fingerprint. It has also been reported in the reports that if for some reason the Whatsapp does not recognize the user’s fingerprint, the user will be able to open it through the second option of the device.

For the moment, this feature is at the development stage. Apart from this, Whatsapp is also bringing a new feature to send audio messages. Now users will also be able to see a preview of it before sending the audio message.


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