Why Safety Equipment is Important when Handling Dangerous Chemicals

Why Safety Equipment is Important when Handling Dangerous Chemicals
Why Safety Equipment is Important when Handling Dangerous Chemicals

Any accident or injury can occur if we avoid wearing safety equipment at work. Therefore, safety equipment is a must for any worker working at a dangerous or risky environment. The safety equipment is a very important item in case of working in industries where you have daily encounters with chemicals.

People who are dealing with chemicals on a daily basis at work requires special safety equipment which includes chemical resistant gloves (hand or foot), eye protection goggles or spectacles, chemical protective suits or laboratory coats, face shields, hats or helmets et cetera.

Safety equipment should be present in per-defined, noticeable, and easily available places where there is any use of hazardous chemicals. The safety equipments should be used as per the industry standards and according to the worker’s body size (correct size fitting, height, and weight).

Things you need while working under hazardous Chemical Environment

Safety showers

Safety showers are required where you work under high-risk chemical exposures. This is a useful initial treatment to remove any chemical contamination of the body. The showers must be situated nearby working places and readily available for use.

Chemical ventilation equipment

This equipment captures the harmful fume or chemical gases and expels them outside the working area. It acts like an exhaust system which takes away the contaminated air from your surroundings.

Fire extinguishers

Chemical fire extinguishers should be readily available at every workplace if you are dealing with flammable gases or fumes. Fire blankets are also recommended in all laboratories that use flammable liquids.

Flammable liquid or chemical storage units

There should be specially designed storage cabinets available to store these flammable items. Please follow the industry guidelines before string these chemicals in specific locations.

Laboratory safe refrigeration equipment

Chemicals which require special refrigerator storage must be stores under explosion proof refrigerators. Flammable liquids which need cool environment should be stores under these refrigerators.

Chemical spill kits

Laboratories which use harmful or hazardous chemicals should have a spill control kit. This kit contains absorbent material, a container for spill residue, plastic dustbin, and scoop. These kits are used to clean the chemical spill and maintain the working environment.

Types of safety equipment

Head safety equipment

Helmets or protective hats help to protect you from any hazardous chemical falling from heights that can harm your head. There are customized helmets or hats available in the market with ear covered or face guarded as per job requirements. You need to replace your head protection if it damaged.

Eye, face and ear safety equipment

To protect your eyes from any chemical injury, safety spectacles or eye goggles are available in the market. This safety equipment is commonly used in welding work, construction sites, chemical industries et cetera.

Earmuffs or earplugs, customized helmets with ear protection are also available. Full face covered safety equipment is also available; choose the right safety product as per your need.

Respiratory protective equipment (RPEs)

Respiratory protective equipment is a must at sites where there is any potential risk of toxic or poisonous exposure of chemicals. RPEs protect you from paint sprays, dust, fumes, pesticides or any other air contaminants. Adequate ventilation is also required at working sites so that the work environments remain healthy for the workers.

Hand and Skin safeguards

To protect from any chemical exposure, you can buy gloves or sleeves as per need. Safety equipment for gloves include, rubber gloves, cut or puncture resistant gloves, heat resistant gloves etcetera. You can avoid injuries while wearing these gloves at working sites as per working conditions and requirements.

Skin disease such as contact dermatitis, burns, or any skin allergy can also be avoided by wearing proper gloves, or body covered clothing. These clothing are specially made to protect the skin from any harm or hazard.

Whole body protection

There is specially designed chemical protective safety equipment available to protect the whole body against any chemical harm to the body. Customized suits require protecting the body from chemical sprays, excessive heat or cold et cetera. Specially designed laboratory coats are also available in markets which provide full body protection against any chemical hazard.

Selection of right safety equipment

Select item as per exposure

You should know the extent of chemical exposure and which part of the body is exposing to the chemical hazards. Also, make sure that how long and how much you or your worker are exposing to these chemical dangers.

Usage and Estimation

Do not buy safety equipment with all the available protections as you only need those safety items which are suitable for your working environment. Train the people how and when to use them.

You need to make a rough calculation on spending for good safety equipments. Make a budget that you can spend on and stick with it. Make sure you purchase from reputable safety equipment manufacturers.

Brand and Style

Choose the equipment as per safety equipment regulations standard. While selecting the equipment, consider the size, height, and weight of the user. Tell your supplier your job and what exactly you need and take the safety equipment accordingly. You can choose brand like Uviraj global, they are the India’s leading manufacturer of safety equipment like Safety belts, harness and boots etc.

These types of equipment are intended to protect and comfort your body while working, so you can buy stylish product but don’t compromise with the safety concerns.


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